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Eff Off, Monograms

Louis Vuitton, your clothes are so beautiful.  Why must you ruin every handbag that you make with your stupid initials all over it?  Your pre-fall line is gorgeous.  Sleek, smart, and sexy.  Why can’t you learn from that?  The only items that I own and wear that have anyone’s brand name on it have all been free swag that I have collected over the years, so do you really think that I’d spend upwards and over a thousand dollars on an ugly brown bag with your monogram all over it?  I think not, but I would totally wear any one of these outfits of yours.


Knock it Off : Wool Capelet, Long Fishtail Skirt, Pencil Skirt

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  1. Lucky me, I’ve never had that problem. Although someone did try to offer me this wallet once and I just had to say no for the exact same reason those bags are uglified.

    Is that even a word?

  2. Those are beautiful garments. And as for the bags and the branding, there are lots of designers besides LV that make beautiful bags that don’t have to brand them from hell and back. Leave the branded bags to those who want logos, and give us the beautiful clothing instead. I’d rather have a gorgeous garment then a bag any day of the week.

  3. Those fingerless gloves are something to love and covet. I’ve been itching for a pair for years. I think I’ll be hitting up Wilson’s.