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Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll


Lewis Carroll turns 111 today, and in celebration, we would like to share a few leaked images from the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland”, directed by Tim Burton.  We are absolutely dying to see the rest of the costumes from this, so if anyone has come across better pics, please share!


Mia Wasikowska


The last coat reminds me of the Lia Lintern designs.

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  1. OH boy, oh boy, oh boy! My daughter and I have been dressing up as characters from Alice in wonderland for Halloween (this year she was the march hare and I was the white rabbit!) for years and so of course we have been anxiously awaiting, with bated breath for this movie to come out! In fact way before there was a Tim Burton Alice in wonderland my daughter said “Tim Burton should do Alice in wonderland”…clever girl! We have always been fans of his films!

  2. Really looking forward to the movie, and totally interested in what kind of crazy ass style will be sported by the cast.
    Anne Hathaway as the White Queen…oh damn, my brain is overloading with images of skin tight stark white royal bondage outfits and whips. She is such an underrated hottie.