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How To Put On A Corset

It always amazes me how many people do this wrong- even professional stylists! Do it the right way, and you will look better, be more comfortable, and extend the life of your corset.

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  1. Very good explanation, and while I agree with Conan that it would have been nice to have seen a tighter corset/curvier girl, their description of the gap being even from top to bottom is correct.

  2. And they still did it wrong. It’s supposed to be tighter in the center than at the top…
    Maybe they should have got someone who’s actually worn a corset before and can take the pain or someone with moar top end…

  3. With the exceptions of personal preferences, I’m always amazed at how poorly people do this as well! It’s nice to see a simple, easy-to-understand video on the instruction of it… I may have to link back to this post when I post my corset series!