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Man Glaze


Tired of “borrowing” your girlfriend’s black nail polish?  Is that shine a bit too much for your tough man hands?  Well, gentlemen, here’s a brand just for you.  

Man Glaze launched in 2007, and is built for the less fair of the species.  It comes in two matte shades – Matte Finish Black and Matte Finish Grey.  At only $6.66 a bottle, it’s a lot cheaper than the Chanel Black Satin, and probably a lot more durable than the 99 cents drug store brands.  

A direct quote from a friend that has been wearing it: “I actually do like the stuff. It’s sorta cool: despite going on glossy, it really does dry matte.”

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  1. Okay just finished my 2 coats… It’s gorgeous. Of course it goes on shiny, and has glitter in it for some weird reason, but it dries very quickly (which is awesome, as I’m awful with nail polish). It’s a delicious matte black, with only the slightest hint of sparkle from the glitter. So, you know, looks better than Sharpie… Need to paint up my boys now…

  2. “Murdered out”? I absolutely love that. So I JUST got my Man Glaze in the mail. That means, not including Sunday, it got here in 3 days (IL to NJ)… I’m impressed. Will update when I actually try it…

  3. I think matte black (and gray!) nail polish is a pretty fantastic idea. Also I love the name, but I’m in to more risque and gross things like that. Though I’m not sure how a glaze could be matte.

  4. The only problem I have is the name. Man Glaze? I keep thinking semen.
    As for guys knowing the term “matte”…why not? It’s not poseurish if a man knows the term and doesn’t possess an MFA. VeryMiao made a good point. To assume that a man has to have an MFA to know what “matte” is…doesn’t that seem a bit of a stereotype?

  5. Actually you’ll find a lot of men know the term “matte” thanks to painting their sweet rides matte black, also known as “murdered out”.

  6. I have a problem with the name Man Glaze too. It makes me think of basting a gagged man like you would a turkey. Or um… semen. Bad.

  7. I don’t know about matte polish in general. Usually it just looks like you coloured your nails with a Sharpie. Does Man Glaze have an extra-large brush & a handle which is kind of like a joystick, designed specifically for big knobbly dude hands?

  8. I’m not sure about the name, but it’s definitely a good idea on paper. I just hope to never hear a friend/ boyfriend say “I just bought some Man Glaze online”.

  9. Okay – any man who uses the term matte and doesn’t possess a MFA… well i just think its a bit poseurish. Case in point: Dave Navarro, Jared Leto, Mr.Ashley Simpson. All poseurs. And maybe I’m a hypocritic, but I would allow it for Lou Reed and Freddie Mercury.