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Oracle of Darkness


Remember our New Year’s Resolutions, when everyone promised not to wear PVC anymore?  This perfectly illustrates why – if I can wear it as a costume for a character named Hell Bitch Slave, rest assured, I will never wear it in public.  I found the dress in a bargain bin at a costume shop, and it was worn one time only for this shoot.  

And by the way – since Haute Macabre loves Liam Lynch and his awesome videos, we’ll be spending our Friday night checking out the newest episode of Lynchland (episode #22).  I hear it has well dressed Victorian ghost hunters.

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  2. *whipes away tears – Hilarious – so very creative and well done. Loved the cellphone on the skeletal horse. Great fun.

  3. Heh ^.^

    The whole PVC thing reminds me so very much of the wonderful song by Sneaky Bat Machine ‘More or Less’ – it’s great! *grins*
    Oh, and I love your blog by the way =)

    Here goes:

    Dress in black my points
    Attack this darkened world of pain
    Temple is down
    My face a frown
    Run around in the acid rain
    Kohl eyes drawn

    My soul is torn
    I wear my PVC
    A jugular spurt
    The handcuffs hurt
    Please don’t look at me
    But more or less I’m overdressed
    Don’t walk away, my pale empress
    Waves of black wash over me
    Between the devil and the deep blue sea

    I’m in two minds
    I drink red wine to wash away the tears
    Walls come down with the length of my frown
    Destroy my brightest fears
    Dreampt of rats
    We fuck like bats
    We’re twenty years old now
    Look in my eyes
    How old am?
    I wear too much make up there to tell
    Just how gothic can you be?

  4. totally glad you broke your resolution for this though. anytime a [parody…or not!] king diamond black metal music video needs to made i think we can all make a few concessions.