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The Ghost of Xmas Past

Friends, we need to talk. It has come to my attention that some of you- perhaps even many of you- are still lighting your homes with Xmas lights. Keep in mind that by Xmas lights, I mean “tiny lights on a string”, even if yours have leetle bats or ghosties on them. Please stop. If you are no longer in college, please pack them away, banish them to the back yard, or throw them right on out. Consider it part of Spring Cleaning.  Consider it an intervention. Write me hate mail if you must, but face the Awful Truth. They are not romantic, they do not set a mood, and their dim light does not hide your collection of MIB toys piled up in the corner under the laundry.

If this leaves you standing in the harsh glare of overhead lighting that frightens you so, do not despair. Along with the X-ray Lamp and Spine Lamp we have covered in the past, here are a great selection of interesting alternatives to buy, or try this DIY Steampunk Lamp from Professor Fzz.


“Lichtinfusion” Lamp by Christian Maas


Firmament Perks And Mini Undercover Lamp Buchwald No. 1 from Frank Buchwald
“Nymph” Lamp from Site Specific Design† “Noose” Lamp by Marie Thurnauer

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  1. No offense, but the alternatives you recommend aren’t exactly what I’d call “beginning to approach even vaguely realistic” (with the exception of the steampunk lamp) for folks resorting to Christmas lights to set the mood.

    The Lichtinfusion is 400 euro (and Maas only ships throughout Europe), the undercover lamp is a little over $1,000, the Nymph is just over $2,500, the Noose is a cool 4,750 euro, and Buchwald’s pieces likely blow the rest out of the water in terms of compensatory obscenity (though in all fairness his pieces are fucking wondrous).

    Thankfully, all of these are relatively easy to replicate (or closely approximate) on the cheap. You can get IV stands on Ebay, LED’s can be had for a pittance, and with a little clear plastic tubing and *gasp* Christmas lights you can make a luminescent noose (rope lights aren’t flexible enough).

  2. Yeah…might be more interested in giving up on Xmas lights if the lights posted here weren’t all ridiculously priced.