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Think You’re Emo Enough?


So much of Gothic Fashion is dependent on reminiscing on the past.  We have our Victorian, Steampunk (the brown Victorian goth), our Ren Faire, the ’80s…  Well, what about the future?  Sure, there’s Cyber Punk, but really, that’s about it.  This might not necessarily be “Goth”, but frankly, it’s too weird and cool to pass up.  

Remember mood rings?  Well, let’s take those a few leaps and bounds further.  Philips Design has prototyped two garments as a part of the SKIN Probe research project, that demonstrate how electronics can be incorporated into fabrics and clothes to express the emotions of the wearer.  

Frison (pictured above, on the left), is body suit that reacts to being blown on by igniting a private constellation of tiny LEDs.  The Bubelle (pictured above, on the right),  “The Blushing Dress” is made up of two layers.  The first is made up of biometric sensors that pick up on the wearer’s emotions, projecting them into the second outer textile layer as colors and lights.  

This actually isn’t the first of its kind though (and no, I’m not talking about those Hypercolor t-shirts that were all the rage in the late 80’s).  The Emotional Wardrobe, of 2005, also responded to the wearer via body sensors, changing the color patterns via LED lights in the dress.  

Now those emo kids with the whoosh bangs can really let the world know how sad they are, eh?  

Thanks to Nadya Lev for tipping us off to this!