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Etsy : Diva Divine 777


Australian based DivaDivine777 is a corsetier using steel boning and genuine Victorian and Edwardian patterns.  Don’t forget to watch the instructional video we posted not too long ago after you buy one!



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  1. gloomcookie – Did you know that alot of well known corset places actually source their corsets from punk69? Heavy Red and Burleska to name a few. Also just curious have you been to the factory and seen for yourself these sweatshop conditions? is there any documented proof you can direct us to? or are you going by what someone else through the grape vine has said?


  2. BAH – after much research & narrowing it down to 2 corset makers on Etsy, I ordered a corset from Diva Divine. This was due to the fact I was under the impression they were handmade & custom fit (as she claims)
    corset arrived today – not what I ordered and mass produced
    I’m devestated…wishing I had seen this prior.

  3. The major problem with Diva Divine is that her corsets are sourced from Punk 69, a company that produces corsets under sweatshop conditions in New Delhi. 🙁

  4. I was looking at this profile last night and was wondering if it would make it onto your blog this week. She has some fantastic looking things in her shop, and if you reaf buyer feedback it sounds like the sales don’t always initially go smoothly, but she gives excellent customer service – sometimes at her own expense. Now that is nothing to sniff at.

  5. I purchased a black velvet corset from her in January and am anxiously awaiting its arrival, and am currently saving up for a veg version of the first corset posted.

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