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Etsy: JaeyoonJeong

JaeyoonJeong‘s men’s coats make me crave London or Seattle, cool fog and misting rain and a good excuse for a proper coat even now that it’s spring.




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  1. I showed this shop to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and he now eternally hates me b/c it was love at first site with the coats and the classic case of not enough money to buy. I’m personally in love with that velvet blazer. Did anyone look at the details and how there are multiple collars? The coats are true pieces of art in the sense that no matter how you look at it, there is something interesting going on to keep the eye entertained. To be able to accomplish that successfully is an art all its own … and the very reason I stick to making 2D art. I noticed that there was one female coat, but it was made using a patterned cloth, and I feel like the solid coat is overall more successful and makes the garment look less belabored and bulky.

  2. @shine3y3 well yes, the usual men clothes don’t make me wish i was a man šŸ˜‰ Actually i have a degree in men’s clothing, but i make women’s because men clothing is too subtle, I don’t have enough fun. But this designer WOW, just wow.

  3. Hooray! Glad you found Jaeyoon, he just graduated from my university (Drexel) last year with many honors. He’s an extremely talented designer, who is now teaching at the university. Also a very nice guy from the few times I interacted with him working on the collection.

  4. great to see you spotlight some totally wearable/interesting men’s clothing – being a man dont’ know if i entirely agree with comments above since most guys clothes are pretty boring if youre not flamboyant type and dont want to look as if youre wearing a costume it’s a hrd work sifting through all the mediocre stuff out there for something that reflects ones personality without falling into the style victm black hole.
    thanks for this post. very cool!!!

  5. My feelings on these exactly, Marie. It’s so great to see someone doing menswear which is both wearable and interesting!