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Heart Macabre



Seeing as how it’s Valentine’s Day, it feels obligatory to post hearts and frills.  

Thankfully, I actually like the pieces I found for this post, instead of the usual cheap red lingerie that infects and infests everything this time of year.  We covered a few bits and pieces in a preemptive move a few weeks back with Heart On, but I thought we should celebrate this holiday in our own way.  Since I’m under the assumption none of our readers will be presenting their partner with a chunk of the circulatory system they purchased at the butcher, here are a few alternatives.  

Keeping with our Etsy theme week, pictured above is The Majestic Romance locket necklace by Couture To Adore.  


Roses Waist Cincher  by Vintage Opulence


Theobromine Molecule Necklace by MolecularMuse


Medical Contessa Couture Corset by Freyagushi


Heart Ache by Rickson Jewellry


And yes, I named this post Heart Macabre.  Shut it.

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