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Here, Kitty, Kitty

I know it’s Etsy week, and we already mentioned this once, but I really HAD to post this. I’m a little worried about the giant pile of asbestos in the beginning, but it’s really worth waiting till the end, when the latex bondage cats happen.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I would kill to have a garden like that and/or a bondage hello kitty, but I do have to agree – the walking/skipping/wtf that model is doing was totally weird. It is very Alice, and I ??? it 😀

  2. I’m loving the ad and most of the promo stuff from this line, but the colors of the actual makeup do nothing for me. I was expecting a little bit better when I heard they were working with Hello Kitty.

  3. I’m with the two posts above mine, the blonde chick performed the worst acting and expressions I have ever seen any model do… the editing and timing of the walking/skipping was very awkward, it all needs alot more work.

  4. This ad is truly awful, but I’m definitely going to buy something from the line. The lipsticks are too cute to resist.

  5. I’m not feeling it. It really doesn’t say ‘Hello kitty’, it says ‘Alice’. And Alice in wonderland is okay in her own right, but the model dressed up as little girl who travels into a spooky playland has been done to death already. It honestly would have worked better and been more unique if they hadn’t tried to be edgey and include a dominatrix and bondage kat boys that molest people.

  6. I’m only about a minute into it, but I’ve got to say this is all very Tim Burton meets Alice in Wonderland. With cats.
    So it must be good.