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4-Point Fashion Assault

I have a column on Coilhouse titled Zo! Style Technician. It’s devoted to fashion adventures, typically with my favorite photo-sniper, Andrew Yoon. Sadly, we’re both very busy peeps and he cannot be summoned every time I’m looking fly. From now on, on days when I want to merely document a look, you’ll be seeing the results here. Samantha made me do it. Extensive style shenanigans will continue on Coilhouse, as time permits! My dream is to make Z!ST monthly, at the very least.

For now, here’s what I wore yesterday, hurriedly modeled on my rooftop before an outing.


Cardigan/wrap by Rick Owens † Jeans from F21 † Bag by Junior Drake
T-shirt dress by Social Awearness † Brash ankle boots by Jump


My favorite thing about this cardigan is that it can be worn at least 4 different ways. Modular clothing wins, every times.


I love these Jump boots so much that I own two pairs, in black and in gray. They’re incredibly comfortable.


[Thanks to mister Q Gauti for snapping these]


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  1. to be honest…you have such a pretty face Zoetica that i dont pay much attention to what you’re wearing

    can i ask where you get those fabulous eye glasses from?


  2. I want one of those styles of cardigans SO BAD! I have been looking everywhere for one!!! Also, where did you get your glasses/who are they by? They simply the most amazing glasses I have ever seen.

    You look fab!

  3. As I live in a different hemisphere, sadly I will not be able to put my “hypnotise Zoetica and nick her cardigan” plan into action. Damn. I’ll have to compliment you instead.
    You look incredibly stylish!

  4. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be more than thrilled by a regular series of Z!ST!

    I’ve actually recently bought a cardigan-type thing like that myself! Goes with everything, elicits compliments, can be used as an impromptu head-covering in the rain–it’s all sorts of win!

  5. Yay! Zoetica is back! We have missed your fashion statements (or anyway I have)!

    BTW, did you notice that the grill on top of the heat exchanger you are standing on in those pictures looks just like a Dharma Initiative logo?

  6. I love Jump shoes they are so comfortable and affordable that I own over 10 pairs of them. You can get them for $30.00 on amazon.com depending on the size and color you choose.