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All Hail All Saints

Rarely do I find an online shop that just makes me knees week.  We’ve posted about them before, but Holy Mother of God, do I ever love All Saints.  I have to refrain from browsing their site too often, but this morning the Mister came in to my office proclaiming that they had new wares up.  A freshly populated Vintage section is also bringing back some of their previous items that weren’t available for some time, so definitely browse through there if you’ve been searching for something from seasons past.


I can personally attest that their men’s and women’s products are awesome – the leather feels like soft, silky butter, and everything fits as if it were custom tailored to you.  The only thing that we’ve had to have altered at home is taking up a pair of men’s slacks, but we are a short lot in this house, and most pants are too long.


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  1. i made a post about allsaints on my blog some days ago, too.i love all their clothes, i think they might be the discovery of 2009 :).