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Bubble Wrap


Growing up in the land of cold and white boys that think they are gang bangers, I swore off bubble coats at an early age.  The only time I have ever worn one of those North Face coats was once in 10th grade, when a friend & I both borrowed them from other girls in the locker room, ran to opposite sides of the space, and charged and crashed off one another.  I must admit, that is one of my fond school memories, but other than that, I always found the bubble coat aesthetically unpleasing.  Surprisingly, this year a few have popped up (no pun intended) that I’ve actually liked, and would actually WEAR.  Nixon’s discovery of the corseted, albeit brown, mystery coat in her Quilting Bee post comes to mind, and this recent runway show of Junya Watanabe’s poof coats have made me reconsider my position on the subject.





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  1. Yeah, I agree with the above commenter – even with the best materials, those coats still look like sleeping bags made of plastic garbage sacks. I could make millions with those designs if I lived in Northern Canada.

  2. while the coat in the “quilting bee” post was somewhat poofy, it was atleast very aesthetically pleasing and made na effort to highlight important parts of the feminine figure (elongate the neck, highlight the waist, poofier skirt to make the upper body appear slimmer …) I see none of that in these coast. Again, there are a number of skirts here I would wear though.

  3. I’d wear a couple of thsoe skirts (the make up IS cool … doesn’t even look like they belong on a human!) but I LOATHE pubb jackets/coats of anykind. There is nothing elegant about them no matter how you cut it and plus they make you look about 10X you actualy size.

    why do people continue to subject themselves to that kind of fashion UNLESS they are in a place that is simply so cold that they have no other choice.

  4. Again, the awesomeness of Japanese designers leaves me…well-in awe! I absolutely feckin’ LOVE these!!!! I want that 3rd one so BAD!!!! I’d feel like I was in a bjork filmclip or something wearing it. *hyperventilates slightly*
    And yes, the makeup. What a great effect!

  5. Also love the trompe l’oeil eye makeup that makes the models’ faces look two-dimensional… really haunting effect.