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Clothing Crisis

It’s been slow postings here on Haute Macabre lately, as you’ve probably noticed. My partner in crime, Nixon, has abandoned me and has departed to the internetless Land of Recently Moved. I’ve been sending search parties and smoke signals, but the Void of Offline is a vast one. Miss Ebb was in the land of All Internet, at SXSW, and I’ve been here, all alone in Los Angeles. I had been prepping for our  Great Migration, which somehow went off without any major glitches.  Aside from that, well… I’ve been rather unimpressed by the majority of things that I’ve come across lately, and would prefer sharing quality over quantity to my fellow Macabrians.

Yes, I suppose we could have posted about McQueen’s seemingly Clown Couture, the Muppet Massacre, or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s Crayola Constructions, but everywhere I turned, I saw it. The fashion blogosphere raised a synchronized eyebrow and carried on with their regularly scheduled programming. It seems that we are in a rut, and no one has any idea what to wear.

We all have those “I do not want to get out of bed and get dressed” and “I have nothing to wear” days. That’s why I feel like it is terribly important to have a stand by outfit – your very own Uniform of Awesome. Something that is reliable, will always look good, is totally versatile, and most importantly, will always come to your rescue on your clothing crisis days.

Haute Macabre Outfit Crisis

All Saints Leather Feathers Jacket †  American Apparel Sheer Jersey Chemise
Forever 21 Leggings †  Frye Veronica Slouch Boots

I’ve mentioned it before, but I love leggings. They’re tough to wear without looking like a hipster or like you just left the gym, though. The key is to pair them with a long shirt or tunic (which will also hide any god forsaken panty lines or the dread muffin top), a hot jacket or great accessories, and proper shoes. Personally, I feel like if you wear them with flats or sneakers, you’ll instantly fall into one of the categories mentioned before.

That outfit has definitely become my I Don’t Know What to Wear Today ensemble. Variations of it have been everywhere from the grocery store to fashion shows, and the best part about is that as soon as I get home and take my boots off, I’m in instant lounge wear.

Do tell – what’s your uniform?

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  1. Hey, great write-up. Ahh, our old friends the lovehandles! For me personally, I have figured out that the best solution to get rid of them is just to lower my whole percentage of bodyfat to less than 8 percent. I have recently become a fan of the Paleo Diet. It is much more natural and how Mother Nature intended for us to eat. Check it out sometime and drop me an email with what you think. Anyhow, slick blog – I’m subscribed to your feed now so I’ll be checking in regularly!

  2. when i really dont feel like getting dressed or having a blahhh day, black trench coat, black trousers, and matchy matchy shoes and belt. basically all black and some standout accessories, it fools people into thinking i made the effort.

  3. My work uniform is a black button-up top or black blazer with a black shirt and black trousers (I get most of my work stuff from Express because I like how it fits and their annual sales rock).

    My not-work uniform is bondage pants and a black shirt (usually a concert trophy).

    All go with combat or motorcycle boots.

  4. I have an ankle-length olive green and off-white skirt that I got from heavyred.com and I usually just throw a long sleeved black shirt or black lacey tank top on it. The skirt is nicely layered so it makes me feel fancy, but has a drawstring waist so I’m always comfortable instead of feeling strapped in, which I think is important in the uniform.

    My previous uniform was a grey cargo pant with a boy beater shirt and boots. Once had to go a week straight wearing it due to issues with my housing. I felt like such a cartoon character…

  5. I must admit that I don’t have a uniform at the moment, as I neeeeeeeeed some new clothes! But chunky black boots are generally a staple, (hooray for boots!) as are black stockings and mid-length black dresses of some sort.

  6. Samatha – maybe we could start and army of boots/leggings folk, then equip ourselves with vicious zombie-fightin’ farming tools for when the apocalypse comes?
    Then we could name the look ‘Apocalypse Army Issue *Insert Customised Weaponry Here*’
    Oooh… purty.

    Oh yes, The Uniform.
    12 year old Doc Martens, black
    Leggings, black
    HUGE cowl neck black top by Queensland designer Dogstar – handy for those drunk “Whee, I’m Darth Sidious!” moments.

  7. Long (to the floor) full A line skirt in either plain black or black/grey vine pattened curtain jacquard (that I made).
    Black and grey horizontal striped tights (can’t be seen, but I know they’re there).
    Black 3/4 sleeve top (not really tight, but not loose)
    Black braid/trim/lace choker
    Black leather two buckle cuff
    Storm watch
    Ankh earrings

    Unfortunately I’m in between good boots at the moment, so the footwear changes depending on how far I have to walk. However, once I’ve worn in my new knee-high simple lace-up New Rocks, it will be them.

  8. my default go to the store/everyday (vs. club etc) outfit is usually either an a-line skirt with full length zippers (something like http://www.anotherstateofmind.net/dp%20demon%20ankle%20biter.JPG) or a cargo skirt (ie: http://www.illig.com/en/il43689.html) in black/pinstripes, a fitted comfortable shirt/babydoll or a comofortable corset, spiked-heel black boots (usually ankle/mid-calf high) or black pumps with a twist, recycled rubber bags from http://www.englishretreads.com, and a modified cassock (if it’s cold) or black leather cropped jacket

    oh, and if it’s really cold, fishnet, velvet, lace up the back, etc thigh highs

    for some examples see: my last day at burning man 2008 (http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewTaggedPhoto&friendID=20332559&imageUserID=1701450&imageID=36424074), pics of our birthday visit to 6 flags http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=20332559&albumID=1454350&imageID=21554019 or shopping on rodeo drive at http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=20332559&albumID=1479629&imageID=5452281

    yes, i often have the mohawk up for 3-5 days at a time and yes, i wear heels and skirts daily – i do not like pants, and heels are simply more comfortable for me

  9. I think that the name of this site should be “WeLikeBoots&Leggings.com” instead of Haute Macabre.

    It’s sort of amazing and awesome that we all have such similar taste.

  10. Dress or long tunic shirt, leggings, over the knee boots, cardigan. Everything is black or grey except sometimes the shirt or dress is green.

  11. Black stretch velvet turtleneck
    Black stretch velvet long skirt or pants
    Black tights (with the skirt) or knee-high socks (with the pants)
    Lug-soled boots (I have a couple of pairs to choose from, depending on whether I feel like lacing or not)
    Hair goes either in a big black barette as a ponytail, or twisted up in a black octopus clip.

    Easy to wear, easy to put on, easy to accessorize, and it makes me not feel like a troll.

  12. @Kristin – you’re totally right about all of us! A few weeks ago, Zoetica & I went to the movies and were wearing the exact same outfit.

  13. I have somewhat of an obsession with unusual stockings or tights, so my uniform has always been a short black dress with a flared shape that I’ve either made myself or found at a thrift store, interesting tights, and boots. The boots have been short Frye engineer boots, or docs, though I recently acquired a great pair of over the knee boots with buttons down the side which fit the uniform as well. I have a fitted, cropped, hooded sweatshirt with puffy shoulders that is in serious danger of falling apart, because I wear it so much.

    Looks like many of us rely on boots and tights/leggings in case of emergencies..

  14. Mine is very similar, except it’s fluevogs instead of fryes (though they look the same), the top is long sleeved and not black, and the jacket is a fake leather silence & noise motorcycle jacket.

    But what I’m usually wearing? Leotard, leggings, and black sweats, all nasty from class. Sad state of affairs.

  15. Unfortunately it seems to be this dress black/grey striped knit dress, that I JUST so happen to have worn yesterday since I didnt wash any clothes and came back from a 9-day vacation in Mexico.

    Black/Grey striped dress (Speechless, corporate SUCK company)
    Black denim blazer (Lip Service)
    Black tights
    Black/grey stripey socks
    Black x-height monochromatic converse

    My bad is that when I’m not stylish… I usually get into tomboy mode which is cut-off dickies (or any variation of shorts) with band shirts. or a skirt/tights/band shirts.

    I need a better goto…

  16. Black cardigan, black tights. Lately, it’s been a bandanna, folded in a triangle, covering my hair, bangs showing. And motorcycle boots…

    Unless, I’m at home and not going anywear–then it’s pajamas.

  17. I have those boots, and I love them so very much – they’re amazingly comfy and go with everything, even over skinny jeans (a problem I’ve had with all of my other boots is that they don’t go under, or over skinnies, making them useless to wear with anything but a skirt).

  18. Some carhartt work-pants – these wear in beautifully, last forever, and pair nicely with the sort of angular cuts that you find in a lot of utilitarian goth couture. Plus, if ever I feel like rolling through the dirt or haring off into the bushes while out and about, I never really worry too much about ruining them. They’re indestructible.

    Black or gray v-neck tee.

    This gorgeous black funnel neck jumper I picked up at Zara.

    If it’s cold or rainy, a black pea-coat over top of the funnel neck.

    Type Z Maxwells.

  19. I’m having one of those weeks too. My uniform is black tights with the versatile American Apparel knit skirt with an Etsy screenprinted tank/shirt, always with Doc combat boots. Some things never go out of style.