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Hey, Four Eyes!

I hate glasses. I have hated them all of my life, from the time I was a small child required to keep them on a yellow elastic string around my neck in order to keep from “losing” the damnable things at school.

This would be less problematic if I wasn’t blind as a bat.

In fact, I have been wearing the same pair of glasses for almost five years, because I have only ever in my life found one lone pair of glasses that I liked. Silver cat-eyes with rhinestone corners, the centerpiece in an otherwise painfully boring display of frames somewhere in Charleston, South Carolina, obviously set there as a point of interest and never meant to be sold. I blew most of a month’s rent on them, and have been very thankful ever since.

It took five years until I saw another pair  I liked.  And then, a few weeks back, I walked past a store with a pair of Betsey Johnson’s Angel Eyes frames sitting in the window. I went inside and discovered not only more adorable frames from Mz. Johnson, but equally charming frame designer La Font. And I realized something. I don’t really hate glasses. I just hate boring glasses. And thus began my recent quest for Frames That Don’t Suck. After all, there is no other piece of jewelry you will wear as often, or as obviously, as glasses. So you might as well splurge on the good ones. A few I’ve found lustworthy:




Betsey Johnson



La Font


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  2. Would love to find the betsey johnson lucifer glasses, haven’t been able to find them locally- anybody know where I can purchase them- either online or the name of a retail store I could contact? thanks!

  3. I have the Angel Eyes, but in black with white/lilac wings – I get comments on them almost everywhere I go! I love them!

  4. Where did you find these?! I have been trying to hunt down Betsey Johnson frames and it seems like they stopped carrying them at my local Cohen’s. (I’m in NYC)

  5. I feel the same way – I got sweet new glasses last summer and love em. Mine are from the brand Volte Face, rectangular plastic frames, brown on the topof the front and the front of the sides, red on the bottom and earpieces, with a grey band between.

  6. I just got new frames last summer, and I’m in love with my glasses for the first time. They’re by a company called Koali, and I had a hard time choosing from all the designs they had; they were all super colorful and interestingly shaped; the site says they’re inspired by various plants from nature. A nice departure from the boring frames I’d had previously!

  7. I too HATED my coke-bottle glasses as a kid, and switched to contacts as soon as I could. A couple of years ago I went to an upscale optometrist who was actually on my insurance, and Lo and Behold! they had ridiculously awesome La Font frames. It took a big chunk out of my credit, but I am so glad I bought them!

  8. WANT! I normally wear contacts, but my glasses are an old Vogue frame from the 90s that seriously need updating.

  9. The ones on the bottom are like my Judith Leiber purple frames with the cut-out sides. I cant find them on the la font site though which is a bummer.

  10. I’ve been wearing glasses my entire life, and am totally incapable of functioning without them (or contacts). I got a pair of cat’s eye frames when I was 17 that I wore until this past summer – 10 years! Finally I found a pair of simple, square D&G frames that I liked and swapped them out.

    I really love all of those frames!

    Go Go Gadget Glasses!

  11. I’m always pretty limited in terms of glasses because the fancier ones like this normally have very big branches that do not fit behind my hearing aids 🙁 BUT you can get contacts in any colour or design now! I have a pair that are a really bright blue, and I love wearing them because people don’t notice how unnatural the colour is unless they’re looking straight at me! The shocked expressions then are fun to watch!

  12. I’ve had LaFont glasses for years (since 2001) and only recently stopped wearing them. (Needed a change. Went with frameless specs.) I can vouch for the quality of their frames. Both pairs I’ve worn lasted me several years. My first (green cat eyes with heavy rhinestoneage) lasted five years! The second (black and orange with minor rhinestoneage) pair, I got three years of wear out of before I decided on the frameless glasses.

    Love the BJ Angel Eyes frames! Almost makes me wish I wasn’t hooked on the frameless style.

  13. I had for years and years been buying frames from antique stores and getting lenses put in for the same reason, but eventually they became too much of a signature, and I wanted a change. Last year I looked around at modern brands and discovered one called Bellagio, which has some very cool frames. Some extremely boring ones, of course, but there are plenty of colourful and interesting ones. More sleek and modern than vintagey, but this was still the first time ever, in all my life, that I had a really hard time choosing between two pairs of glasses I ACTUALLY LIKED. (I went with the purple ones, to match my usual hair colour.) Not finding any good links, but some of them are lovely, and I am a fan. Just thought I’d mention.

  14. Yeah, I know what you feel like. I have horrible vision inherited from both parents. I wear contacts out in public, but glasses at home. I hate glasses. But even more than boring ones I hate those Transitions ones. An ex of mine wore them and even though I loved him, I hated the glasses. He had an affinity to touching his eyes, which made it so much fun to make him watch me putting my contacts in. I loved messing with him about it.