Magnificent Excess | Haute Macabre

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  1. my favorite one is #2, i wish i could get away with makeup like that. that girl is fierce, & not in that fake way that everyone uses it now. but truly fierce, ferocious.

  2. Wow and the wow – these are amazing! (and I have some ideas on what to do with my damn flyaway hair now!)

    Same same with the Australian Vogue – just doesn’t compare the the Italian version! Or probably any other European based one.

  3. these are gorgeous… however, I’m highly amused by the fourth picture, (and later) as she has a rack of trad climbing gear hanging off her studded belt. I suppose it looks industrial and all to those not in the sport, but to me I’m like “why is she preparing to climb a large cliff? where is her rope and helmet?”

  4. See … why doesn’t Vogue in the US ever doing things like this? Granted I don’t exactly read it on a regualr basis … or really at all unless there is something interesting on the cover. However, you have all these wonderful tear sheats from it’s overseas versions and anytime I *have* cracked openthe American Vogue there has never been anything near that interesting.