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Nordic Invasion


Richard Söderberg is a relatively new, talented young designer from Sweden. He originally launched his label under the name “Macabre” in 2007 but changed it to “Obscur” shortly after. He has been compared to Rick Owens, but his style is more likely to be influenced by his homeland. Scandinavian design is very austere and somber… Scandinavians LOVE black!


The Nordic aesthetic hit the runway during New York’s recent fashion week when emerging designer Odyn Vovk launched his collection. His line is really raw and vital. It sides more with utilitarian fashion ideals, as opposed to the wearable avante-garde designs by Richard Söderberg. Either way, I love this look!


By Guest Blogger Lady Lavona of Cabinet of Curiosities


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  1. It’s true, we do love black. Along with monochrome, minimalistic design and clean lines. Unfortunately, baby bats up here seem to be inspired mostly by the baby bats in the U.S and therefore seem to think it’s a must to import Hot Topic goods and run around in that while the rest of us consider luring them onto an ice lake and leaving them there to die.

  2. I think if Baby Bats dressed like this in the US, they wouldn’t be laughed at so much…. The style seems very dark, and yet approachable, and would mix well with other things that weren’t just black. I want that bottom right coat.

  3. I think the comparison to Rick Owens is more because there aren’t that many designers like this, more than anything else..

    I like his ’09 A/W collection.. alot ^_^”

  4. Hot! Men definitely don’t get as much of a choice as we lady folk when it comes to fashion, so it’s always exciting to see something like this. They look a bit like manga warrior clothes or something I think….I like!