Rick Owens : Black Albino | Haute Macabre

Rick Owens : Black Albino

Effing Hell.


I almost want Rick Owens to stop.  It’s becoming a little much for me to handle.  Once again, his Fall Winter ’09 collection throws us into the Future.  Layers, high collars, gloves and odd angles yet again, and every time he does it, it just gets better.



“It started off dark.  But then…they blossomed into swans.”

There really is no proper way to knock off Rick Owens, but the angular cut of the jackets immediately made me think of Plastik Wrap.



Images via Style.com

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  2. Great style for sure.
    I do have to admit Owens has some great materials in his lines and I do love all the layering.

    In terms of other designers…if you actually look into late nineties, early 2000 there was lots of Canadian clothing lines, that did similar asymmetrical styles…when rave/streetwear was popular.

  3. Mido is the only thing that comes remotely close. And that’s just because of the asymmetrical cuts and closures. But Owens is a fashion genius!

  4. omgzzzzzz *drooool* These are the kinda clothes I’ve been looking for! Ok. Gotta get my arse into gear and sew some knock-offs 😉