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Not Your Father’s Wooden Legs


This is quite a long video, but stick it out. If not for Aimee Mullins’ inspiring personal story (you may remember her as the girl with glass legs from The Cremaster Cycle) or for the the awesome thought that we shall all be preternaturally tall designer robots one day, then for the hand-carved ashwood Alexander McQueen platform prosthetic legs.

This is the future of fashion, my dears- the ability to modify yourself in any way you see fit. The opportunity to stray from the human form if you so desire, to design not only the fabrics you wrap yourself in, but the very fabric of your own body.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this makes me want to go watch The Saddest Music in the World yet again.

For a different take on the possibilities of prosthetics, check out the mermaid tail that WETA Workshop recently created for double amputee Nadya Vessey.


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