Beauty Marked- Ninette Van Kamp's "Souffrez Pour Moi" Lingerie leaves marks | Haute Macabre

Beauty Marked

You know those sexy lines a corset leaves behind when you remove it? How about a nickel slipped into your tightest jeans, just to see if you can read the mint mark? The unfortunate ring left by knee-high socks?

Now what if this was your art form?

Meet Ninette Van Kamp, embosser of bodies. Technically, all sexy underwear is made to be removed. But Ninette’s “Souffrez Pour Moi” lingerie is made to leave a mark- an intentional pattern on the skin, created with seams and beading stitched into the inside. Comfortable? Probably not. But since when was that a concern?



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  1. Totally amazing idea.
    I was just thinking about this yesterday-
    some new underwear I got made a heart shape on my hip
    from the little metal heart connector doo-dads on the side..
    I couldn’t decide if it was adorable or disturbing, or both.
    This, however takes that to a whole other level.
    Love it.

  2. @Miss Addict – I can’t take credit for this one! It was all Nixon, and her glorious digging into the internets.