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Haute Macabre Needs Your Help!

Remember how when we launched our new site, we said that ad generated revenue would be going towards making improvements to the site and maybe even one day helping us get some merch going?

Well, we were filthy liars.  We have taken all of that money and lined our homes with black gold, reveling in festivities that would put Caligula to shame.

Ok… Now I really am lying.  We really are going to put that money towards merch, and wanted your feedback on what to produce first!

Here are our options, and the questions we have about them for you:

† Buttons!
Buttons are cute, fun, and fairly inexpensive to produce, which means we could get them soon.  But, does anyone actually wear them anymore?I feel like I’ve got a whole bunch of them hiding around my house, but I can’t recall the last time I put one on something.

† Stickers!
Everyone likes stickers.  What kinds?  Bumper stickers?  Shapes?  Would you all be comfortable vandalizing your neighborhoods as Haute Macabre’s Skeleton Crew?

† T-Shirts!
Here is our greatest conundrum.  Sure, we want to get our name out there, and sure, I’d wear a HM t-shirt on those days where I don’t feel like getting dressed, but would that be the antithesis of our mission statement?  Such a moral dilemma we are faced with on this one.  Would you guys hate us and call us sell outs if we had these available?

We are really hoping to get everyone’s honest feedback on this, because really, it’s for you guys.  We want to have things available that you would be proud to display, so let us know what you think!  We’re also looking for manufacturers for all of the above items, and if you guys have any achievable ideas for anything else, let us know!

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  1. How about some lovely ceramic housewares…like, say skull shaped bowls or vases, or ceramic boxes with unusual motifs? It seems you are extending your clothing line into housewares…I think people like things they can show off, like clothes, jewelry or home decor.

  2. Alicia’s idea is good – tank tops are great. But – anyone can customise a T-shirt into a tank top with a pair of scissors – or a blouse for that matter if you have soem sewing skills and a few extra bits – so maybe it’ a good idea just to go with the T-shirts in a fitting style, in just 2 or 3 different designs e.g. silver grey, charcoal grey and black (agree non-fading black is very important), and then have a competition or (better) a regular column where readers can submit pix of their customisations which could include cutting, modifying, adding, bleaching, fading, etc. Thus giving everyone inspiration for their own wardrobe, which is what this website is about …

  3. Why not search for T shirt designers on Etsy, and put in an order with someone who will take great care to hand make and print each one? Then not only will each one be a hand crafted item but you would be supporting a small craft business too. PS…YES I have an etsy shop but NO I don’t make T shirts so I’m not touting for business! :o)

  4. I would not buy buttons or stickers or tshirts.

    BUT I would definitely buy a black, loose fit tank that said “Haute Macabre” because, if for nothing else, I think the name of your blog is SO GOOD that I’m totally jealous I didn’t think of it first AND I love it so much I’d totally promote it everywhere.

    It would be totally easy to get them wholesale from AA and then screenprint them.

    If you’re gonna make clothing merch it should be something one might wear out for reals. And I totally would.

  5. I agree with the buttons mostly due to the fact that they are not secure and fall off of my handbag/rucksack.However a t-shirt is not the antithesis of your blog as long as it is trendy it can defy the lines a bit and be a blouse.I simply adore stickers and it would be awsome if you could make stickers that could be reusable…

  6. Me thinks Karaya is on to something, but what about actual buttons? You could DIY it into a pin, or cufflinks, key fob, etc.

  7. Tshirts please. I also second the american apparel…they have nice cuts and don’t really fade…non fading blacks are important.