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Heel Straps

Litters SF shoe-jewelry1

Litters SF makes these charming shoe accessories, which seem to me to be perfect for summer days where it’s just too warm to wear stockings.  I love the idea of changing up the same old heels you wear every day.

Retailing for $98 each, they’re a little on the pricey side, but probably not too hard to DIY if you’re the crafty type.


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  1. Ummmmm basically all these look like are biker boot chains that have been shortened. They can be had for like under $30 at any bike show or biker gear website. I have bunches of these laying around my house since I’ve been riding for a long time. Especially the pair on the left… I have the exact same ones and paid about $15 for them.

  2. Very gorgeous indeed, but not worth the $98, in my opinion.

    I’m pretty proficient in the area of D.I.Y., so there’s a pretty good chance I can create an amazing knock-off along with a few other nonpareils.

  3. Christy, that is probably something that cold be fixed with some double sided tape … if you weren’t wearing hose or stockings. Those are awesome though. It gives the illusion of angle straps without actual ankle straps. I recently bought a pair of 3.5 in peep-toe heels for a wedding and had to cut off the ankle straps that were on the shoe. They strapped right over my ankles and made it so painful to walk in.

  4. Okay I think they are utterly HOT but I fear that once you start walking they will slide all over the place and you will constantly have to adjust them.