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Nothing Sacred


All season, I’ve been on a quest for find the perfect hoodie cloak, and am loving what I found from indie designers Obesity & Speed.  I was flooded with a myriad of emotions when I came across their website, loving the gauzy shredded look.  They definitely get points for their shredded tunics and cloak hoodies, but I’m not sure how I feel about them using Christian Death and Misfits logos on their T-Shirts.  What fresh hipster hell is that?  On one hand, I completely covet them, but I’m really just left with the same unsettling feeling I got when they started selling Joy Division shirts at Urban Outfitters.  Sorry, but Unknown Pleasures was NOT supposed to be all rainbow bright.

Is nothing effing sacred anymore?

By Guest Blogger Lady Lavona of Cabinet of Curiosities


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  1. Danielle, I think the tunics are only available at their retailers. I was disappointed they weren’t in the online shop either.

  2. I don’t know about the sacredness of favorite bands like Misfits and whatnot on shirts. I’m not really big on divisive fashion stances like ‘this punk, that not punk,’ etc. simply because I’d have to tear my hair out trying to reconcile with the fact that fashion rarely falls neatly between such thresholds. I do covet the Misfits sweater though and I need some casual pieces for law school next year because I’ll probably be too busy to dress the way I do now (plus oversized shirt + skinny jeans + creepers have always been a favorite look of mine). I can’t find the gauzy tunics in their shop which is sad 🙁