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Speak Up! : Corvidd

Haute Macabre recently caught up with Etsy seller Raven, the lovely lady behind Corviid.  Her shop is a menagerie of magic jewelry and trinkets, full of bones and bits, just like we like’em.


First things first, tell us about yourself & your product!

Well, I spend much of my time like most endothermic carbon-based organisms do. However, in all my spare moments between eating, sleeping and procuring shelter, I make art. I use whatever medium allows me to make my mental images material, and sometimes that involves wire, bone, and other miscellaneous objects. I started making jewelry less than two years ago as a new branch to my art. I’m self-taught for the most part, and I try to make all of my designs original. I’m an ecology and natural history enthusiast, and that has influenced my designs and choice of materials (…i.e. I shop at The Bone Room a lot).

What makes you Haute Macabre?

As I understand it, the ‘Haute’ means it is custom and high quality with much attention to detail. My jewelry consists mainly of miniature wire & mixed media sculptures that happen to be wearable. They are each unique and sometimes custom designed for their recipients. It’s definitely quality – I spent a lot of time and energy with each piece. It’s certainly macabre, what with the inherent death theme that seems to pervade most everything I make.

Were you a potential serial killer as a child, that instead evolved into a designer?

Once I figured out that human bones were really just too cumbersome to use in jewelry the issue became irrelevant.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is fairly simple but with subtle details that set it apart slightly. For example, I wear a lot of black, but I like to layer things or cut up shirts and refashion them in interesting ways. I also mostly like to wear the jewelry I’ve made, so my style reflects and incorporates my art.


What would you wear for a moon landing?

My New Rock boots, definitely.

Do you ever notice footwear in your dreams?

Maybe, if I fall asleep wearing my boots.

What style advice to you have to share?

Black goes with everything, especially itself.

You can find Raven and her wears on Etsy, Deviant Art, and her Ebay shop!
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