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Speak Up! : Eirik Aswang


First things first, tell us about yourself & what you do!

My names Eirik Aswang, that’s pronounced, “Eric Ahs-wahng”.

I was born in San Francisco in 1942- died 2005, reborn 2007.

I’m a painter, sculptor, and fashion/costume accessory designer.

What makes you Haute Macabre?

I’m guessing cause of the dark feelings emulated from the look of my gear for one and each piece is basically a “few-of-a-kind”, I work on each piece one at a time all by hand and I give each piece of my work special attention.

I never know how to answer why I fall under some sort of label; I am the title that the people give me.

Were you a potential serial killer as a child that instead evolved into a mad genius?

I think so; I did some fucked up stuff as a kid.

If it wasn’t for my love of beauty, the arts, and life, I would probably be another Charlie Manson or Ed Gein.:P


How would you describe your personal style?

Well, nowadays since I’m always in work mode, I’m kind of drab; I’m still on the dark side though, but nothing fancy shmancy. Pinstripe black pants, a decent shirt and what ever headwear, that’s my usual.

What would you wear for a moon landing?

What moon are we referring to?

Leather or Lace?

Leather in the streets and lace in the sheets…we are talking about how I like my girlies right?

Do you ever notice footwear in your dreams?

No, I don’t remember my dreams often; but I do remember faces and lights. I OBE and have sleep paralysis every so often; I remember those vividly.


What style advice to you have to share?

Wearing a song in your hearts is the best accessory; it makes anything you wear look better.


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  1. Ooh.. I have been looking for someone whose doing this awesome kind of work. Mr Aswang, so glad I found you and I am looking forward to receipt my first corset that’s made by You!

  2. Wow! I’d actually never heard of him before, so I’m very excited to have had his amazing work introduced to me here. What a fascinating individual! The photos are mesmerising!

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