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To Corrupt From Within


We’ve mentioned more than a few times how Rick Owens makes savage love to the runway, and how I almost wanted him to stop because I was having a hard time processing his specific breed of fashion pornography.  He just keeps going though.  Nick Knight of SHOWstudio caught glimpses of the designer in the following clips and images.

Elsewhere, Rick Owens discusses Hollywood tranny hustler bars, his Baroque Pearls, drama & death, and his secret plans in interior design in an interview with Hint Magazine.  His answers have immediately invoked flashbacks of Matthew Stokoe’s novel, High Life, although Owens’ descriptions were not quite as grotesque.

I was a part of the wicked Hollywood Boulevard hustler bar world. I hung around people like Goddess Bunny, a dwarf friend of mine, and Mr. Beanbag in super sleazy, crystal, tranny hustler bars just off Hollywood Boulevard, a couple of blocks from my studio. It fit into my aesthetic of broken idealism. That was my milieu, they were my friends. I call them my “baroque pearls.”

Use your imagination to fill in the blanks, and if that fails, here’s a little visual stimuli of the man himself.




A continuation of Nick Knight’s imagery after the jump.

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  1. Beautiful images.
    I must admit that I am morbidly curious about his shoulder tattoo… Please don’t tell me that it is the beginning of a tribal armband. ><