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Zombie Apocalypse


In honor of Day of Resurrection, allow me to present to you the deliciously tacky Zombie Stomper heel from Iron Fist’s Fall ’09 line.  Currently, they only seem to be available from U.K. stockists, but I’m sure they’ll hit the rest of the world shortly.  If you can, get your hands on Iron Fist’s Fall catalogue, as it is chock full of awesome zombies chasing our girl Zoli Suicide.

Happy Zombie Day, all.


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  1. I have been seeing these everywhere! It was love at first sight, however, the more time spent saving up to buy them, the more they’re advertised! CURSES!

    But, they do deserve the coverage. Scrummy!

  2. I’m pretty sure those were at Hot Topic for ages! I scour their shoe section, seeing as HT is one of the few purveyors of larger sized shoes that I enjoy. There’s still quite a bit of Iron Fist stuff on their website.