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Stolen Girlfriends Club

broken girlfriend club sheer knit sweater

I found this wonderful knitwear over at Cheapskate Chic.  Thanks to you guys and your brilliant hive mind, I now know that they are from Stolen Girlfreinds Club. Thanks for helping me track them down!

broken girlfriend club knit leggins


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  1. Rumi at usually rocks a lot of this designer, you might want to check out her blog to see more of the fit of this company.

  2. Hey Nixxon,
    So I think the label is actually called Stolen Girlfriend’s Club, which is maybe why you had trouble finding it. Hope it helps!

  3. They’re very “Sally Stitch” 🙂 The top is great too. Sorry, I’m not the slightest bit of help here…..just showing some lurve. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that we find out some info.

  4. They’re beautiful! I especially love the jagged seams.
    It’s interesting, a Google search on “Broken Girlfriend Club” gives only a link to the post at Cheapskate Chic…

    It looks fairly simple to knit something similar, though – I’m tempted to try!

  5. I’ve seen several other pieces by the same design group, and I still can’t find any place to buy them online. Maybe they’re a boutique-centric line? The only person I’ve seen them on is a model, and she might have gotten them from a show.