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Gilt Groupe


Allow me to introduce you to the Gilt Groupe, which is either the best or the worst thing to ever happen.

Why It’s Fabulous :
† It’s basically an online outlet shop, with prices way beneath the usual retail tag.
† It changes out it’s inventory almost daily.
† It makes you feel like you’re in a secret society.

Why It’s Dangerous :
† All of the reason listed above.


You can only get a membership if a current member invites you, and since I’m so awesome, I’m inviting everyone to join.  I’ve been incredibly well behaved and have yet to purchase anything, but there have been a few sales that I had the MasterCard in hand, ready to jump.  The Mister could moonlight as a hostage negotiator with all the talking me down from the debt ledge he’s done.

Today kicked off an Oscar de la Renta RTW sale, and it just keeps getting prettier.

Click here to sign up!


9 Comment

  1. I second the poor Australian motion- so much beauty, just beyond my grasp! Thanks for the link, and I hope everyone on the site signs up and gets you *at least* a sleek pair of shoes!

  2. Pity they don’t accept anything other than a US zip-code.
    Although if someone wants to help a poor Australian out… : )

  3. O I see what you did there. 🙂 someone’s trying to wrack up the new member credits..

    Thanks a bunch! (i read about this website on something earlier today, so yeah. Weird that I come home and see it mentioned again)

    1. @Eris – haha! Nah, I’d probably never even use them. Honestly, it was just a slow news day. You totally caught me in filler article zone.