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Got Milk? Black Milk?

black milk black foil tights leggins patchwork

Queen Michelle at Kingdom of Style turned us on to a new line of legwear by James Lillis (of Too Many Tights fame). This is a man who knows tights. I mean, possibly in a Biblical sense. I’ve never seen an obsession with tights to rival it.  So, it seems like there is no better man to start his own line of uber-cool legwear, Black Milk.  The tights are a little pricier than Americal Apparel ($50-$120), with a whole lot more selection, and still a great deal cheaper than designer legwear.

I want the ones with chains. A lot.

black milk black chain tights leggins silver

black milk black tights leggins spiderman ripped shredded

black milk black tights leggins skeleton bone

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