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Hospital Food

Haute Macabre Awesome Date Night Suggestions: Hospitalis Restaurant in in Riga, Latvia or the slicker The Clinic restaurant in Singapore. Better than your local hospital cafeteria, but just as much fun to dress as a zombie in or wear that awesome  medical corset to.


hospitalis bar latvia medical hospital


hospitalis restaurant latvia medical fetish

The Clinic:

the clinic restaurant singapore wheelchair

the clinic restaurant singapore drink IV bag


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  1. Talk about unique. Probably NOT a first date spot but maybe a second date. I think cemetery picnics make a good first date. If your date cringes at the idea of that then you know that no good can come from that relationship … The cemetery is mild enough that you aren’t shockign anyone, but evocative enough that if the person can’t handle that, they won’t be able to handle you.

  2. It kind of reminds me the intro to Dexter…(which was totally stolen from the into to American Psycho, btw)…it’s appetizing food shown in concert with evocative, visceral body stuff…certainly a good test of your date’s composition and sense of humor.
    I did hear about the bar fight! That girl knows how to wil out, that’s for sure.

  3. I’m thinking Hospitalis is sort of retro and kitch, but The Clinic is the sleeker option. Having dinner in one of those wheelchairs would be beyond awesome.

  4. I’ve seen the clinic on some tv show. I think it was anthony bourdain’s or andrew zimmern’s, I can’t remember. I do know I’ve seen it before. Both places look pretty cool. ;o