I don't worry cause my wallet's fat: the race to find a new wallet before mine explodes | Haute Macabre

I don’t worry cause my wallet’s fat.

Thomas Wylde Replica knock off studded wrist clutch

American west black tooled leather wallet

It is time for me to buy a new wallet. I know this because my credit cards/ coffee cards/grocery cards/photo booth photos from Bar-B-Q-Bar are being held in place by a single tenacious string. Every time I open my wallet, it’s like seeing Alfred Hitchcock in a size small Speedo. It’s not pretty now, and at any moment it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

So, of course, I present the options to you, dear readers. No decisions have been made. I am still open to other options. Honestly, I was kinda hoping for something that looked more like it had already won a major campaign against the Zombie Hordes all by itself. I haven’t quite found the perfect wallet (since I do consider the $295 price tag to rule out the simple but awesome Balenciaga one), although I’m pretty tempted by the Thomas Wylde knockoff above (still $98, but can also be a small purse all by itself), or the American West cross wallet, which looks built to last at $72

The contestants:


Hype ‘Charbrol’ check walletLamarthe ‘Exception Nature’ walletHype ‘Vigo’French wallet

‘Normandy’ clutchGun wallet

Bird wallet † ‘Adelle’ wallet


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  1. I’ve been wantin a new wallet for the llonnnggest now but I can’t justify a wallet purchase if I have no money to put in the thing!

    This I don’t hate; especially for the price!

    I liked where this was going but I’m not too big a fan of the finale product which is too bad;

    Certainly not a wallet but these caught my eye and I think you’d enjoy them as well;

    I always seem to find exactly what I’m not looking for. It never ceases to amaze me.

  2. The first two (Thomas Wylde and American West) are certainly contenders for me: they’ve got just enough interesting, dark detail without going too far.

    Really, any of these would be great options. I have to admit, though, that I added the gun wallet and Normandy clutch to my Etsy favorites…so I guess those are my two votes.

  3. Oh my god you’re a lifesaver! I’ve been needing a new wallet too but didn’t have any luck in hunting. This is a cool selection that is definitely our (your readers) style. Thanks!