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It’s Maker Faire Weekend!

Maker Faire 2008 fashion

This weekend in San Mateo,  the world’s largest DIY fair celebrates it’s 4th anniversary.  Make Magazine‘s Maker Faire is expected to draw a crowd of over 100,000 to the San Mateo County Expo Center. Thousands of DIY vendors will showcase everything from robots to furniture to food. Arts, crafts, science, technology, engineering- and FASHION. Not only will every self-respecting small designer in the Bay Area be hawking their wares, but there will also a fashion show Saturday evening and other fashion-focused events, clothing swaps, and how-to classes both days. Tickets are $25.

(Hey, look, it’s Nightshade again!)


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  1. Damn! We don’t really have anything of this kind (or magnitude at least)over here in Aus!
    Looks like awesome fun. I’ll be doing my best to teleport myself there!