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Put Some Sparkle in Your Eye

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I always wondered what the kids would get up to once piercing became passe. I mean, I’m Gen X, right? You can’t shock me. Sure, I thought. They’ll try. But me, I’ve watched a Prince Albert. My ex split his tongue and had his teeth filed decoratively. I seriously considered coral horn implants. Beat that, whippersnappers.

But this. This creeps me right the fuck out.

This platinum eye jewel (available in several styles) is inserted under the cornea. In case that description alone doesn’t give you the willies, or perhaps gen-gap you into a drinking binge, there is also the 500 Euro price tag to take into account. (I haven’t seen anything on this hitting the US yet). Still thinking of having it done? Here’s the how-to video:

If this all seems like a bit of a commitment, the fad for sticking things to your eyeball doesn’t end there. Eric Klarenbeek has designed a series of eye jewels that attach to contact lenses, trailing down the face like tears.  Or perhaps like those suction-cup crystal dragonflies meant to liven up suburban kitchen windows and sold mostly in various beachfront stores worldwide. They look better on this mannequin than they look on actual models,  where they trigger my instinctive need to get that damn thing out of your eye.

Oy. The kids these days. Get off my lawn.

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  1. Many thanks for writing “The Sparkle in Your Eye- Eye Jewel Implants take
    body modification farther |”. I actuallymight undoubtedly end up
    being returning for far more reading through and commenting here in
    the near future. With thanks, Damien

  2. its done under local anesthetic so it wont hurt but all im worried about for the jeweleye is infections and you can even go blind!

  3. Ok. So I admit… That is pretty. BUT it is so very stupid. And idk about you but i wouldnt want someone sticking sharp things in my eye. And when I saw that video I nearly puked. Im 8 months pregnant so it doesnt take much to make me throw up. But it is pretty when its all done and healed. But seriously really dont go sticking shit in your eye.

  4. I personaly wish i could get the eye implant i thinks its cool and come one it dont look painfull in any way plus it b fun to watch the after video of thee surgery. and the contact bling HOT wish i could get them cheep in canada lolz

  5. I knew it would be attempted someday, just like the cervix piercing (google it if you don’t believe it’s been done).

    IMO, every body modification is okay as long it’s been done voluntarily and it doesn’t cause any harm to the public. Everyone has their own body, and it’s their effin’ problem if they hurt themselves.

    P.S. I wonder why the eyeball piercing freaked me out while the pierced cervix didn’t.

  6. Oh dear /God/.

    I was just cruisin’ around and lookin’ up some of this stuff here; and then I see this.
    I pray that I will never see this at my job. Ever. Because I will probably start retching and end up saying hello to my partially-digested lunch.

    How can people just do that to their /eyes/? That has to cause so many medical issues! Ugggh. Just in case it does end up here, I’m warning the rest of my eye doctor’s office about this little implantyjob. xD

  7. All I have to say is this: What are the possible ramifications? What problems have people had with it? I know I had Lasik or PRK or whatever its called to improve my far vision 10 years ago, and now I can’t see anything closer than 2 feet – so… I’d look into the problems people have had before you go off getting your eye infected, or misshapen or whatever. Bodymod is fine, I suppose, but just be VERY aware of how it could make your life suck in the future. I know that all the bodymods I’ve got overseas have left me in constant pain. (they involved combat – so I guess their called combat bodymods) :o)

  8. you know what, this didn’t even freak me out. how weird is that?

    the procedure looks a lil bit painful, but other than that the end result is pretty sweet!

  9. I am actually saving up my money to get this. (JewelEye anyway, the contact lens jewelry is pointless to me). I want to get a star inserted into my left eye and a crescent moon inserted into the right. 😀 I’m only 17 though and I wish there was a place in the USA that did this but it’s in Rotterdam. So when I turn 18, I am definitely going to be getting this. Can’t wait for the pictures to put on Facebook (:

  10. I read this short, sci-fi story a while ago where future-kids were getting subdermal glitter tattoos, and back-alley sex-change operations to become actually androgynous.

    This seems like it could fit with that.

  11. I saw these years ago available in Amsterdam. I don’t know very many people who got them but the ones who did haven’t had issues. I personally know alot of people in body modification world and you’d be surprised at the things that cause problems as opposed to the things that really don’t. This thing is super thin…

  12. i’ve put so much wonky stuff in my eyes that i, well, the idea of something inserted like that doesn’t faze me. i’d have more worries about how smooth blinking might be. no, it doesn’t drive me any kind of crazy. i hear they have UV shields for eyes like contacts that could be inserted in the same way. now that sounds okay & practical & almost something to envy, (even if, naturally, the idea of having the outersurface of your eye opened up for insertion of something alien is shudderworthy)

  13. While not for me, so long as it’s safe I don’t see the problem with it. Consider the folks that shrink in horror from those that have “mutilated” (in the eyes of the offended) themselves by putting metal bars in various parts of their anatomy.

    This seems like something odd, for someone that considered having lumps of coral shoved into open headwounds at least, to be “creeped the fuck out” by.

  14. I have people trying to grab at my chain from my lip to my ear, I don’t think I need them trying to pull the chain hanging from my eye. *shivers* It’s rare that anything makes me squirm but ….wow.

  15. Thank you for permanently ruining my day… D:

    Seriously- people are getting to the level where Escape from LA and Repo are starting to look like true stories. The future will be modified… in a way I do NOT want to know about!

    (ps coral horn implants -> yes! I always wanted them myself, but I wanted ones that would grow into a nice spiral like ram horns. Typical Aries…)

  16. Hmm, recently I was watching Animal Planet, like you do and there was a program about parasites on and in one of the stories one of the wormy little bastards crawled out of some poor bloke’s eye…that is what this reminds me of.
    Too bad Fulci is dead, tell me he wouldn’t have had a field day with this idea!

  17. I can’t help but wonder what the rejection and infection rates are for these types of modifications. I have some piercings and ink and never had any issues, but have had some friends that had to give up a piercing due to it being rejected.

  18. I can´t even properly look at this! Ouch…I am a little phobic about objects near my eyes (all that talk from my parents about not waving around with scissors when I was a bairn surely worked on me), let alone this…

  19. Ah yes the eye implants. BME featured these a few years ago. As someone who can’t even stomach contacts and freaks out at the eye doctor this made me lose my shit.

  20. I saw that platinum eye jewel thing several years ago. But the price has not come down. And while it doesn’t squick me nearly as much as that decorated contact lens (hooooly crap! no thank you, EW how do you BLINK?! or can you even imagine reading with that thing hanging on your moving eyeball? ACK NO), there’s still a cardinal rule violation: don’t mess with your eye.

    But yeah, I’m gen-X, too. I can handle genital piercings or subdermal implants, but don’t go near my eyes.

  21. This is just creepy. I mean, can’t someone just put some glitter on their eyes and be happy with it? If I went to the industrial club and saw someone with that dangly eye piece, first I would probably recoil. And then, i would want to grab it to see how it works. Having one just doens’t seem like a smart idea.

    This also begs the question: what the hell will they come up with next?