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Speak Up! MA46

Meet MA46, a Los Angeles band responsible for fantastic music, handmade merch, and my ass getting grabbed at their last live show (by a chick!).

First things first, tell us about yourself & your product!

Daniel : We’re a trio from Los Angeles that makes pop music with prog influences. There are a few things we as a band value: fancy jackets, science fiction, nuclear power.  We make and sell a line of interesting t-shirts using hand-painted screen print designs in lieu of the uninspired mass-produced logo shirts common from other bands.

Courtenay : These shirts represent everything I love about LA girls.  They start out nice, but soon they’ve gone dark, covered in grime and splatter and bleached patterns, each one individual and made to be worn out.


What makes you Haute Macabre?

Daniel : First and most obviously, we like to dress up. We don’t wear “costumes” or a regular uniform on stage, rather for each show or shoot, we peruse our closets and try to figure out a coherent look in advance. Secondly, we produce our own merchandise – specifically the hand-screened and distressed tshirts that Courtenay produces in his loft. Oh, and we’re immortal space vampires, that’s Haute Macabre, right?


Were you a potential serial killer as a child, that instead evolved into a designer?

Courtenay: I don’t think any of us were the puppy-and-bunny-dissection type of kid.  My grandmother was a seamstress and wedding dress maker and taught me the ropes on the ancient Singer sewing machine at a very early age — probably 4 or 5 years old. This was partly just so I could thread the needle for her, since her eyesight was going, and partly so that I’d have an outlet to mitigate the blinding red rage streak that purportedly runs through the family.

Daniel : I killed as a child, but not necessarily serially.

How would you describe your personal style?

Courtenay : I like girls’ jackets made from dead things or fabrics they invented in a lab.  Skinny girl jeans are a must, of course, and a nice shirt made from the finest cotton (whether it be long-sleeve button down or a tshirt made from a nice Modal blend).  If you can work in something that laces up, all the better.

Daniel : Well-fitting casual? I like nice shoes (especially Fluevogs, I have half a dozen pairs), and generally I’ll wear slim black jeans, a solid colored shirt, and a jacket made of natural fabric. I’m a sucker for cowls and standing collars, of course. When it’s hot, I’ll often wear big boat-neck long sleeved shirts with no jacket.

What would you wear for a moon landing?

Tim : I think we’d try to avoid reinventing the wheel, and go with the Apollo A7LB pressure suit made by ILC Dover. The AL7B has several advantages over the previous design by adding two new joints at the neck and the waist, which kept the bulky “I’m in the harshest environment within a million miles” styling but allowing for more freedom of movement. The AL7B series also included a red striping motif for the mission commander, helping not only to tell between the commander and the pilot, but also giving the commander a more rakish, energetic appearance.


Leather or Lace?  Why?

Daniel : Leather, if I’m wearing it – actually, leather if someone else is wearing it too. I’m not a big lace fan. At the same time I’m moving away from wearing leather other than shoes and gloves, possibly because I am planning to sell my motorcycle 🙁

Courtenay : Lace belongs on your grandmother’s table.  Actually, so does leather, if she’s AWESOME.

Do you ever notice footwear in your dreams?

Courtenay : I actually have a huge pet peeve about dreams, specifically people talking about them.  I like to have conversations with people, and you telling me about your CRAZY dream you had where nothing made sense is an absolute killer.  There’s no interaction in this tale  — there’s nothing we can share, and nothing that either of us can relate to.  Keep your dreams to yourself, honey.

What style advice to you have to share?

Courtenay : A nice haircut can make up for some pretty serious blunders.  Well, a nice haircut and somewhere around three beers into a bender.  Asymmetry is fetching, as long as it’s in your clothes and not your face.

Daniel : Just – just think before you dress, people. It’s not hard. I suspect that a lot of people aren’t willing to sit down for a minute and consider the grave consequences of their sartorial decisions. Also, black matches everything. ALSO: LAYERS!


See them live :
May 23 at Landing Party, Los Angeles
June 3 at King King, Los Angeles


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