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Still Life

Ruven afanador fashion editorial taxidermy pheasants

You may remember photographer Ruven Afanador from his “Evoluzione” photoshoot. Mr. Afanador does it again in this taxidermy-laden shoot. If anyone knows what this was shot for originally, let us know- I found it on the photographer’s website, but I can’t imagine it never saw publication.

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Ruven afanador fashion editorial black and white ruffled dress

Ruven afanador fashion editorial taxidermy deer corset

Ruven afanador fashion editorial black lace microscope

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Ruven afanador fashion editorial birdwatching couture

Ruven afanador fashion editorial falcon hawk raptor falconry

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  1. love his stuff. does anyone know where these were taken? that grande alle in the first pic with the bird net is amazing. might be the same place as where that Nadia Auerman photograph with the dramatic black hat. if anyone knows please email me.

  2. I remember seeing this spread as part of Vogue Australia’s spring racing liftout or some such (the racetrack photos only, obviously). I doubt they commissioned it originally, though.