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The Haute List : $75 and Under


Cultural Trust Dress †  Hold It Pump †  The Charlize Dress
The Heigl Jacket †  French Midnight Spell Bolero †  Rollcuff Sleeve Jacket
LnA Pencil Skirt †  Quickie Pump †  Velvet Mechanism Chest Harness

In case you guys were wondering, we’ve decided not to do the $10 and Under Haute List anymore, and replace it with a $75 and under.  We found that the only things we could ever find for it were sort of lame, but we’re going to make an effort to keep the $15 list on the cheap side.


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  1. I’m almost sure that the Velvet Mechanism harness is a ripoff. I’ve seen it before but seriously I’ve checked out that woman’s etsy, and her ‘leatherwork’ is certainly too good for the only two real leatherwork items sewn together (leatherwork is indeed hard). Frankly I think she’s just making alterations to these existing leather (or faux leather in this case) harness that is too close in resemblance for me to think a coincidence.

    This harness from clockwork couture is almost matching aside from the shortened straps on VM’s harness, and at $24.00 it would be a good profit to buy the harness and fix it up a bit and sell at a higher price.

    It’s just too fishy for me, and I haven’t a grudge against her, but etsy is suppose to be handmade items, no doubt she made the jewelry, but the leatherwork? I’m doubtful.

    I just thought I’d point this out the buyers and you HauteMacabre staff.

  2. The pencil skirt. It must…IT WILL…be mine. And the cultural trust dress. fuck it, everything. want.

  3. I just featured the brown version of Velvet’s chest harness on my wunderkammer blog last week & I’ve got that bolero on my feature list as well. Great list!