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Vogs in Space

Eric Bana nero Star trek distressed shirt

I went to see the new Star trek movie last night. First off, it rocked. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about Romulans, and how well-dressed they are. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find much information (yet) about the deconstructed layers of awesome or the half-hooded trench coats that seem to abound in the evil empire. Eric Bana is dressed like the hippest kid in the club and carrying an awesome steampunk phaser to boot. Sadly, there are very few screen caps yet available, and no information on designers that I can find.  But one (possibly accidental) moment of product placement answers the question of the footwear of the future- as Nero’s boot stamps down towards  Captain Kirk, the camera focuses in on the hella distressed leather boots of the future- and a familiar swirl at the base of the laces. At first I thought that the Romulans were wearing Fluevogs, but thanks to you guys for realizing that those swirls were Spiral Tabi boots from Ayya.

Eric Bana Nero Star Trek fashion distressed coat


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  1. ive only just got around to watching Startreck, i expected it to be lame if i am honest… but wow! i was so surprised, full of action, great story, no doubt i will be watching this a few times!!

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  3. The boots were done by AYYA – the Pali ones linked above… I believe the Romwear site is a collaboration between Mitchell Kulkin and AYYA gear – as you can see, not only are they the exact same boots, but I spoke to the creators of AYYA last night in regards to a custom order (aren’t their vests to die for) and they confirmed.

    You can purchase either location – Kulkin makes the jackets and then the boots are completed by AYYA.

  4. The designer of the clothing is Mitchell Kulkin. He met Michael Kaplan as a result of the jacket he was wearing at a flee market. From that meeting the Romulan costumes for Paramount were conceived. Mitchell has actually set up the manufacturing for the costumes. You can contact him at captainsidetrack@gmail.com. He is just putting up a new site http://www.romwear.com

  5. Those ever so hip Romulans were also wearing spiral tabi boots! Mentioned on your site about a month ago! It pays to be the villians sometimes,

  6. The costume designer is Michael Kaplan, who also designed costumes for Bladerunner. He had never seen any of the Star Trek movies before being hired, nor was he that familiar with the show. I think the fresh approach to the Star Trek Empire made the costumes fresh in return. All of the fabrics were custom produced in Bali. The main raglan sleeve shirts worn on the bridge have small Star Trek icons, which is think is hilarious because the convention LARPers are going to have a hard time reproducing that. One of the fans I talked to is sure that they are going to start selling the icon embossed knit at Jo-Anne fabrics soon, which would be a smart business move especially since they signed on for two more movies.
    Great post!

  7. Jika-tabitastic!

    No, really. I just got back from seeing it myself and the clothing and CG were the first things I noted when I got to the car.
    Absolutely fantastic and verrryyy inspiring! I loved every minute of the movie/the great little finds all over the place.

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