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Clint Catalyst Television


Ultimate scenester Clint Catalyst, known mostly for being one of those kids who is famous on the internets (totally, I note, unlike the peeps who bring you this blog), having impeccable taste which he often chooses to ignore, and for hanging out with that Audrey Kitching girl too much, has taken to putting up videos on his YouTube channel. I think we are supposed to be listening to his spoken word,  but it’s the clothes that kept me watching. Will somebody give this kid his own show on E?


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  1. Totally agree. Clint’s fashion is amazing. I mean, if some of these crazy people on tv these days can have shows, why in the world can’t an awesome guy like Clint have one?

    I’d loooove to get a fashion makeover from him. 😀


  2. No shit! Executive Producers at E! (choice of punctuation their own), or the Style channel even… GET. IT. TOGETHER. ALREADY!

    Love your guts for this posting– and pleased to meet you, by the way.

    Ended up here via Tweet of a ‘dirty little birdy,’ but find it most serendipitous, indeed.

    In fact, added you to my personal site’s “Front Page Links” before leaving this comment, even…

    Oh and, re: the clothes?

    First pic, jacket: Jared Gold couture; pink tuxedo shirt: Salt Lake City thrift store known as the ‘V.A.’ (Did you know Mormons have their own form of currency? Have/had— what the F; fascinating all the same to me.)

    In the video? Jacket: Paul Smith (the exterior keyhole details and multiple-pocket interior? Fully FTW…among my all-time best ‘hook-ups’ from a friend, without doubt); tie: Vivienne Westwood; white Oxford: Ross Dress For Less; belt: Hysteric Glamour; Black Stretch Denim: Ksubi; shoes: John Fluevog.

    Ultimately, howevs? Bless your little black hearts for referring to me as a ‘kid.’

    “Older than God; fiercer than hell…and grateful I aged well!”

    (Tongue planted firmly in [TAKE YOUR PICK WHICH] cheek, natch.)

    Darkest Dreams,
    Clintasaurus Maximus