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tea time

I would be much happier pouring my coffee out of this blood stained set rather than my Mister Coffee (although my Mister has a timer, and this one is a bit more manual).

Made exclusively for the New Museum, the Antonio Murado Salome 14 piece set is a limited edition of 15 with a $500 price tag.  I think I’ll sadly be sticking with my $30 pot from Target.

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  1. great post. to be honest i am not sure i got every point completely. but, wanted to step upand comment anyway. are you a journalist by trade?, because your writing is really good.

  2. Ah what a pity they desire so much, when a competent DYI kina person could do a fair knock off. Pricing themselves outta business, a shame.

  3. Why not go to a paint your own pottery joint and use thair supplies, I am sure it would be pricey, just not $500 worth! They all come out white glazed to begin with and the colors of the glazes are mapped out for you a head of time. Might be a fun project to at least try on a mug or plate at first. I may just do that at my local paint your own spot

  4. As quite a few people have said, it would probably be relatively easy to create a similar effect on a cheap set. Not something I want for myself, but I do see the appeal.

  5. Amy – maybe there is some kind of paint that could be used instead? Assuming the “blood” is just on the outside, what is to prevent you from sanding an area down, using some kind of all weather paint in that area and then finding a food-safe glaze to cover it over. This might need some mulling over. It would give you a variated seurface, but maybe that would be part of the charm? As Prêt-à-Porter mentioned – this is perfect for guests that stay too long. WAY better than those jars that say things like “troublesome patients” or “disgruntled relatives.”

  6. I want to see if anyone makes a set like this! I am far too lazy & the worst crafter on the planet, but would love to see if one of you guys does it!

    And I find these things in the magic depths of the ether.

  7. I was actually looking at this and thinking that I could buy a cheap white or offwhite set from Walmart or some other place and then scuff up the finish with some sand paper mix something together that looks like blood and then reglaze or use a spray on glaze. After I moved might experiment with this one some cheap yardsale junk. I would think a glaze but I”m not sure how that would work since the glazes usually dry lighter…
    Good luck to anyone who tries this out! And thanks for the great post!

  8. Why don’t you just…I don’t know…make your own?

    Seriously, if you don’t, I will. I won’t sell it…it’s not copyright infringement or anything. I think.

  9. This is ridiculous. And I love putting “blood” on unexpected things.
    Might be an interesting DIY project to replicate…what to make the blood with, glaze?!