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Drink Me

drink me model

Alidra Alic Jewellery has created a line of contemporary pieces entitled and inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The starting point of my work in the project “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, is the floral motifs found in aesthetics from the late 1800s.

These motifs are reflected in the cultural and art historical framework of that period, as well as in the literary work “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

I interpret this literary work into a personal concept and illustrate this through contemporary jewellery using a self-invented plastic technique.

hyacinth model

Perhaps not the most practical accessory, but the pretty things really never are.  I think that if I wore one of these, it would feel like a melting candle chandelier was perched on my hand, and I think I might be comfortable with that.

tulip modelMore photos under the jump!drink me




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  1. These rings are stunning but I can’t see them as more than art. This trend of ring with tallish rigid structures protruding from thier top seems rather impracticle. With as clumsy as I am, I would hit my hand and break it off or bend it on the frist day of wear. As art though they are stunning.