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En Deer Ring

Many of you commented on the great deer ring one of the models is wearing in the Neo-Romantic editorial we posted, so I thought I would see what there was available online. Not only did I find a couple of similar rings (the top center ring is available in sterling and looks quite similar), but I found so many deer rings I had to do a whole group! We have been discussing the popularity of antlers of late, after all.

deer rings stag antler buck gold silver

Victorian Platinum , Garnet and Diamond Deer Ring , $645 † 14-point Stag Ring, $210.00 † Woodland Deer, $17.00

Sitting Bambi Ring, $135 † Antler Ring Series, $350 † Digby & Iona Stag Ring, $400

Kawaii Black Fawn Ring, $9.00 †  Fransiska Venrath Deer Ring, $? † Antlers Ring, $144


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  1. Just a heads up for anyone in London; theres a guy selling gold deer head rings (among other things) in Camden. I don’t believe he has a website up yet, but the ring was less than £25.

  2. I absolutely love deer and antlers, I have for years. I have a lovely collection of deer figurines, deer artwork, deer jewellery, and most recently, a set of porcelain antlers given to me as a gift from my boyfriend.
    My pièce de résistance however is a very impressive stag candle holder which is probably supposed to be some kind of Christmas decoration. It’s around 1’5″ tall and is a beautiful antiqued silver.
    I love the deer rings, thank you for posting them! I might even buy that last one.

  3. Sorta dig the bizarre detail of the scene in the third one along… I couldn’t actually wear it, but I enjoy its whimsy.