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How to: Wear A Headband And Not Look Dumb

Jennifer Behr spike headband punk

There is no getting around the fact that headbands are IN, in a big way. And, in fact, you shouldn’t get around it. They are one of the most useful bits of clothing ever invented. They keep hair out of your face while dressing up a dull  ‘do and giving you one more place to put something shiny.

The problem is, we live in the day of the Hipster Headband. So, how to take advantage of the trend without ending up on Look at That Fucking Hipster? Follow these three easy steps:

  • Choose a headband that fits your head snugly, but comfortably. If after thirty or forty minutes of wear, you have lost feeling in your scalp, TAKE OFF THE HEADBAND. Oxygen should be reaching your brain.
  • Unless you are a attaching a mirror to your head prior to exploratory surgery, sweating to the oldies, or Janis Joplin, orient the headband to follow the natural hairline given to you by God.
  • Make sure that your hair is lying smoothly beneath the headband. If your head in any way resembles Humpty Dumpty wearing a waist cincher, you’re doing it wrong.

headbands jennifer behr net feather chain

See how pretty and elegant these  models look in their Jennifer Behr headbands?

Knock It Off for less with some of these great Etsy finds:

Etsy headband collection zipper rose lace net

violet.headbandTriple Button HeadbandAutumn Zippity-Zip

Twiggy HeadbandFiona Headband Moonlight Headband

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  1. Well look at the pretty lass! She could probably wear the most retarded thing ever and still not look dumb. She’s a natural!

  2. Etsy is a goldmine for headbands! How about a review of headwraps? How to look like a Goth-Goddess-Meets-Pocahontas rather than Hipster-with-a-Piece-of-Fabric?

  3. I agree with most of this, but I am still going to channel my inner flapper and wear it “in the hipster style.” Many of those kiddos don’t listen to fashion of yore and know that the hair shouldn’t be a giant mushroom poofball on your head. The hair should be smooth around the scalp and gently curled at the bottom to achieve the fun look. Follow the same rules, avoiding the too snug, and you won’t get mushroom head.

  4. LovleAnjel-

    The spiked head band, like the others, is from Jennifer Behr. But it is an easy DIY project, too. A bag of spikes, and either a leather headband tight enough to sopport the weight or a plastic one and a drill…..

  5. ugh, headbands just remind me when I was growing up and every girl in school wore straight cut bangs with headbands. How other people can even make them look stylish is always somewhat beyond me but all the more power to you if you can pull it off I guess

  6. “If your head in any way resembles Humpty Dumpty wearing a waist cincher, you’re doing it wrong.” <– mahahahaha!!! Brilliant!
    Sadly tho… I've never been able to rock the headband… hipster fagishly or not.