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Mister & Mrs. Willis


Bruce hasn’t looked this good since the Fifth Element.  Nina Ricci impossible shoes meets Videodrome, FTW.

By Steven Klein for W Magazine, June 09


More after the jump, not entirely safe for work.











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  1. I love photography very much, but these pictures make me want to write a comment on how tacky they are. I normally don’t write such comments because I find them neither creative nor positive, but in this case I really had to make an exception. 🙂 These pictures just look wrong in almost every way. But that’s my my point of view. I’ve looked at them for an hour now, and still.. nothing. 🙁

  2. love this shoot! i love how artsy he is getting as he ages. pretty wicked…not to mention incredibly sexy.. but i agree it takes me little a back that she looks similar to demi?! everything else is cool, however, that is indeed peculiar…


  3. Woaaaah crazy! That’s f*ckin cool!

    Good on Bruce! His ex has a toyboy so why shouldn’t he have a toy-girl? Hehehe

  4. the funny thing about this shoot is the mixed reactions I’ve seen I read another fashion blog (thier recaps of Project Runway are hilarious when the show is on) and they just posted this spread today. Over there everyone was making snide comments about her, him, and what they considered to be an ick factor in the shoot. Over here the general agreement is that the shoot is very awesome. I just hink it is interesting how one shoot can affect people so differently depending on the audience it is being presented to.

    Personally I’m a little ambivalent. I find a couple of the images (number 9 for example) down right gorgeous. The styling is very classic, the lighting is perfect … however, I cannot manage to get it out of my head that Bruce has teenage daughters. I, myself, have been out of my teens for a while but would still be very disturbed to see my father in a shoot like this – especially if it was being released to the public via mass media. there are some situtions I never want to see my parents in and a good number of these pictures fall into that category.

  5. Fabulous shots and scene, her clothes are stunning, but Bruce needs a little more emotion in his face. The shoots are with his beloved, after all.

  6. Wait, so it’s “We just got married, let’s publish some softcore (but fetsih-tastic) porn”?
    The photos are cool, it just seems odd. Whatever, each to their own.

  7. um.


    sometimes it’s easy to forget that bruce willis has an amazing body.

    also the person who decided to shoot this set this way is totally crazy. crazy in a very very very good way.

  8. This has probably been one of my favorite shoots you guys have posted on HM. I’m not even a huge Bruce Willis fan, but this makes me feel…funny inside. Love it. Her outfit in the 5th photo is killer.