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Rest in Plastic



Nixon and I don’t really care about Michael Jackson dying.  We had a few lols about it last night, but really, what it comes down to for us is that he’s just another dead pedophile that had a strange melty face thing going on.

But, we just found out, he’s going to be a PLASTINATED DEAD PEDOPHILE!

Since MJ missed the deadline for cryogenics, he’s going to be preserved by Gunther von Hagens (yes, that Gunther von Hagens), and will live forever with his primate pal Bubbles at the Body Worlds exhibit in London.  They are hoping to have him posed mid-moonwalk.

The debate is still out as to what color he’ll be (at least between us Haute Macabre staff members).  I mean, did he bleach everything?![ad]

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  1. You’ve just gained yourself a reader! But not just for this post, although I like it and couldn’t agree more! I’d like to know where there is anyplace with solid evidence of Jackson’s accuser recanting his charges. I’ve been searching for at least an hour and haven’t come across anything that proves it true. You’d think if the accuser lied there’d be video of it or at least some media coverage or that the courts would have hauled him into jail for perjury.

    Now, let’s all be adults and admit that sometimes, if you have enough money, you can get away with murder…or pedophilia. Just ask Polanski. 😉

  2. This post is a stain on a great site. I don’t think this would make a very good first impression to new readers. I always imagined the contributors / writers looking chic and classy, now I see they something else. People having shit giggles when people die.

    Well, you lost a reader. With this post I’m expecting more random distasteful posts in future and I refuse to waste my time reading them. What it comes down to for me is that this blog is another deleted RSS bookmark that had a great thing going on.

    So much for being grown up goths.

  3. If any of you had any idea how much Sam and I have enjoyed your commentary for the last three days…well…you probably wouldn’t have left it. Just to spite us.

    This post REALLY made people put down their Sunday paper and express something. How odd.

    Whether I agreed with you, disagreed with you, or thought you lived in a different dimension, kudos to all for shaking off your club face and talking like people.

  4. Yes, his death has been overexposed. But, last I read, the first and only credible accuser of molestation, the one who received a huge settlement, has come out and recanted his story, stating that his father forced him to lie in order to collect a large sum of cash from Jackson.

  5. Incredibly amused. Leaving on RSS for the rest of my days.

    Also, to the dudes defending the molestation charges: it doesn’t matter what the intentions of the assaulter was; if the assaulted felt violated, then sexual assault happened. No exceptions.

  6. Actually, I might be slightly off the mark, but a nice message from Gunther about his hat is on the Body Worlds website that HM kindly linked to.

  7. I’ll sit back and view this unfold…

    Holly – Gunther wears that hat as a nod of respect to the first coroners to practise and teach in such a way, back when operating theatres were actually theatres – almost like lecture halls. I’m sure there was a reason they in turn wore hats – probably some respect of the dead.

    I love Gunther. Even if he looks like a plasticined cadavar himself. With a sweet smile. And he’s not even a doctor or a trained professional in the feild. He’s just that knoweldgable and fascinated by it all!

  8. I love your blog, but … what does this have to do with clothes? 0.o
    I came here for a beautiful fashion find, dark inspirations … and I get this.
    This random post is doing nothing but paving the way for a flamewar.

    I do agree with Nicole and Io .. MJ’s life (and death) has been overhyped and targeted by the media one too often, and more importantly, anyone who has been molested will *not* just settle with money; they want justice. His very accusers are now living in a rather pricey home in Long Island, and owns a highrise in Manhattan and a condo in Santa Barbara. With that money. Talking about getting rich quick and taking advantage of the rather overexcitable American media!

  9. In my opinion, the inclusion of MJ will bring a sideshow cheapness to the Body Works exhibit. I am sure the quality of the work will be acceptable, it is the particular celebrity which MJ would bring that will cheapen the magic of the work.

  10. Considering that plenty of people are actually grieving, this post is really distasteful.

    If this was Karl Lagerfeld, everybody would be bawling on this page :-/

  11. At the end of the day there’s always a degree of speculation, speculation about who he was, speculation about his end, speculation about what he did.

    It’s tough to be in the public eye. I’m not saying we should ignore allegations about his sordid past, but people need to consider how the media can “spin” an issue. How many skeletons do you have in your closet? How many incidents have happened in your life that are multi-faceted or not what they appear to be? How would you feel if every aspect of your personal life was held up for judgment by the public at large?

    I think there’s a little schadenfreude at work here.

  12. Hold the plastic. The director of publicity for Dr. Gunther von Hagens has told TMZ someone claiming to be from Jackson’s management team did contact BODY WORLDS several months ago about Jackson’s interest in being preserved in plastic.
    But, she says, “We can further confirm that Mr. Jackson is not now a registered body donor in the Institute for Plastination’s Body Donation Program.”


  13. on a more relevant note, after seeing Body Worlds exhibited in Vancouver a couple years ago, i’m a big fan of Gunther von Hagens work. plus it seems an absolutely appropriate close to the bizarro tale of michael jackson.

  14. i’m with you ladies 100%. the king of pop is dead. the circus continues.

    jesus, and to all you people crying “disrespect”, go honor your fallen icon on an appropriate forum.

  15. “Anyone who dies deserves to be honored whether you like them or not.”

    Like Hitler, I totally had respect for him after he died.

  16. MJ aside, there’s something about Gunther that I find off-putting. It’s not the whole dead body part, it’s more due to the fact that throughout the series of videos we watched for biology class, not once did he remove his hat.

    …it wasn’t even a particularly nice one.

  17. This is a fantastic blog. Usually. But this post is a tad in poor taste. Even worse are some of the replies it’s getting..

    Sure, I agree his death has been dealt with too much by the media over the past couple of days, and I admit that it is not something that affects me personally. But why add to it by making a useless entry on the subject? Why not just forget the whole thing and stick to what you’re good at – blogging about clothes.

    As for the paedophilia thing… does the notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ escape most people here entirely?? I’m not even a huge fan of his, and it still grinds my nuts.

  18. Personally, I hope the “Queen of Pop” DOESN’T rest in plastic. As someone who’s adamant about not being buried* once I shuck this mortal coil like the cellophane on a 4AD box set, I’ve said countless times how much I’d love to be plastinated.

    I mean, seriously…I don’t know how anyone who read Poe outside of what’s required in public ghetto institutions (or seen “The Vanishing”–as in: the George Sluzier/Criterion Collection brilliance; ditto “The Loved One”–a.k.a. the darkest comedy ahead of its time) would want to hang in a tin box for so-called ‘eternity.’

    Except, of course, for the photo ops/weeping moments when dressed in one’s finest attire. (Could we get an “I’d Like To Be Buried In…” thread goin’ on up in this Haute House? Our sources say yes, [Please.&.Thank.You]!)

    That’s why–pre-Plastination craze–I used to say I wanted to be dressed to the tits before my limbs hit Rigor Mortis-abort-us territory, positioned in some stodgy clichéd “It’s-The-Butler-Who-Did-It” configuration involving a covered tray or an index finger raised, punctuating the air with an “Excuse-Me, Sir” precision…and shellacked.

    I’d make a coat rack as dapper as Sweet F.A., and never–even in the most sleep-deprived, chemical induced state–be caught doing some hackneyed take on one of the most misused words in the English language: “irony.”

    Said another way? The penultimate dance move conducive of a migraine-inducing roll of ze eyes hinter skull-wise: a “Walking of the Moon,” or some such nincompoop.

    Shellack Attack Me—Plastinate Me, Please.

    Though, “I’m Sorry, Miss Jackson…”

    In *my* world? Bitch ain’t EVEN overshadowing Farrah’s demise.

    Matching hatchet nose jobs does not an overprivileged white woman with hot-rolled hair make. Harumph! The first of Charlie’s Angels earns her friggin’ halo, and everyone wants to clack their phalanges/smack their gums about the M-Jay?

    Jackson FOUR will be fine, for SURE.

    Child molestation or no, let’s switch gears to the deeply superficial here:

    Jackson versus Fawcett. Who Wore It Best? // (sic)–BETTER //

  19. Alleged pedophile, people. Alleged.

    And I say this as a survivor of childhood sexual assault.

    Yeah, he might have molested a kid but no one knows that for sure. This doesn’t change the fact that he is one of the most influential artists of our time and even if you’re not a fan, you’re probably a fan of musicians who were inspired by this guy.

    Michael did a lot for the industry and deserves to be honoured for that. I’m not saying we forget about the child molester bit, but let’s give it a rest. This is totally disrespectful.

  20. Nicole, I agree 110%. Also, if you’re really molested/sexually assaulted especially if your child is truly molested, do you settle for money? NO. You want justice.

  21. Oh, and by the way, he can’t be plastinated unless he signed the consent forms before-hand. I’m assuming, he did not.

  22. Anyone who dies deserves to be honored whether you like them or not.
    Not a nice post. I’m not his fan but anytime someone dies it’s sad. You don’t even know whether he was a pedophile or not and it’s not your business.

  23. Glad to find out I’m not the only person on the internet that doesn’t care that a weird pedophile who happened to be an amazing performer died.

    The thought of him being plastinated and put on display is way too creepy. Thankfully it’s bullshit.

  24. I’ve been telling everyone that I want to donate my body to that exhibit for years. I think it would be awesome.

    I agree with you on this. I don’t have anything against him, I just don’t care. All of the people transforming into his biggest fan ever as of thursday are really off putting. even if he didn’t do it, (which i think he did), his death is kinda ruined by all of the fickleness of the masses.

  25. …as for his body being exhibited, well, I agree with the comments already made. Pointless, freaky and distasteful.

  26. While I’m not offended, I agree with the previous poster.

    You know what? Call me crazy, but I don’t think Michael ever molested any child. I think that his perception of what “was and wasn’t” ok was distorted, though. Since Michael was abused and robbed of his childhood, I think he tried to make up for lost time. He hung out with kids because they never demanded anything from him…they had no hidden motives. Everyone else around him enabled and used him. And I think he allowed them to sleep in his bed because he never received the love that he yearned for as a child, so he tried to be there for other children who he thought weren’t receiving the attention they needed. And because his perception of what “was and wasn’t” ok was distorted as I previously mentioned, I don’t think Michael thought that the public would find what he was doing wrong or inappropriate.

    Michael was an easy target because he was naive, trusted too easily, had an odd personality, and due to his ever-changing physical appearance. People who tried to extort money from him knew that it wouldn’t be difficult for the public and media to believe their claims of molestation because “Mike was already a weirdo.” The other two molestation accusations were what I believe to be other liars following suit in hopes of completing a “get rich quick” scheme. In the end, Michael’s talent was overshadowed by his problematic personal life, and he was shunned by practically everyone, becoming pariah. It’s sad and unfair. I believe Michael had the best intentions, but was still screwed over.

    He was a lonely man who lived a sad life and cried in private. I hope he has finally found the peace that had eluded him for so long.

  27. Love it! Way to go… just about had enough of all the exposure MJ’s death got. Like you said, big deal. Indeed. x