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Speak Up! Elijah Sound

Haute Macabre  speaks to Elijah Sound of  A.D. 2013, one of the designers behing the ultra-hip Romulan outfits in the new Star Trek film (which, as you know, I have been ranting about for some time now. BTW, did y’all catch the  response from Fluevog to that blog? It turns out we were ALL right!).  Some of the designers invilved in the film have banded together for a new website, romwear.com, aimed at providing similar fashoions to those in the film to the general public.
Elijah Sound 2013 Clothing designer
First things first, tell us about yourself & your product!

My name is Elijah Sound alchemist of the fashion collective that produced the costumes for the new StarTrek movie.  I have been working in the design world for over 10 years.

How did you get involved with Star Trek?

Me and my 2 partners Mitchell Kulkin and Kelly Crawford were selling out gear at the FairFax Flee Market on Melrose in Los Angeles when the head costume designer of the new movie Star Trek came up inquiring about the overstitched and cut canvas on our Shredder Jacket. Two days later we were in Paramount signing to do Romulan costumed for the film.

What did you create for the film?
We then had one and half months to create over 200 costumes jackets, pants, and boots.
How would you describe your personal style?

The Rennaisance of the Apocolipse.

What would you wear for the Big Dance Number at the End?

My undies.

Why does men’s underwear suck?

Usually because they are too baggy with little thought to hold the family jewels.

What style advice to you have to share?

Everything goes. Step out of the box. We are living in the future.  Get creative.

Finally, where can our readers buy your work, and is there anything else you would like to promote?

Since our big break we have started out Urban Mayan Sport Wear Line which can be found at www.AD2013.com, and to buy costumes and boots like the ones from the film go to www.romwear.com.

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  3. I can’t seem to find the Romwear.com website anymore!! Is anyone still selling those awesome Romulan costumes somewhere????