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Wicked City


The fetish trend in mainstream fashion seems to be back in force. These shots are from Germany’s Stern magazine (oddly, NOT a fetish publication).  The editorial is “Wicked in Berlin”, shot by Mario Testino. And yes, there are those Nina Ricci boots after the jump. Again.


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  1. Stern’s a major periodical in the land o’ Krauts. As in: Maaaay-jah. I lived there a year, and–since I’m a dinosaur and all–was fortunate insofar as timing goes: visited the Wall when Commie Sutra was still the prevailing ‘tude; then around two months later, when my ‘host mom’ informed me one (of many) truant afternoons “Die Wand geht!” I jumped a train and headed to Berlin, hand-held pick-axe in tow. (Yo!)

    Unfortunately, the pieces I gathered as “souvenirs” were barely larger than thumbnails…but the experience of seeing throngs of East-Berliners drunk on Pilsner and boundless freedom as they danced, sprouted tears, and sang while passing through the former barricade?

    So Geil, daß…

    Not unlike der Stern, a slicker, sophisticated version of Time or Life: where artist profiles are prominently displayed among its pages, fashion editorials are interspersed with stodgy news pieces, and shots of Nadja (or any of the other svelte mega-models from their terrain) with breastsicles exposed are par for the course, not the exception.

    Imagine: if only *one* such publication existed in the States — distributed widely, decorating waiting rooms of doctor’s offices…

    Nina Ricci and Mario Testino would be household names, not Whomever-The-Effs from some reality TV show (a phrase that should always appear in quotation marks, as far as I’m concerned) with their 8 offspring.

    The notion seems about as revolutionary as having models on “our” fashion magazine covers again!