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Gaultier Fall 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier  Fall 2009 fitted coats

Jean Paul Gaultier presents another slam-dunk collection for Fall. The cropped-in-front trench coat in the top row is just incredible! Lots of fitted coats with menswear-inspired lapels and interesting shoulders, lingerie details, and interesting uses of the currently popular wet-look fabrics.

Jean Paul Gaultier  Fall 2009 fitted coats black wet look

Jean Paul Gaultier  Fall 2009 lingerie harem pants

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  1. Gaulthier’s work has almost always impressed the Dickens out of me. He does what so few other designers are capable of doing…instead of simply regurgitating well-worn trends from years past, sloppily mixing looks from multiple decades and hoping most people won’t notice (uh, Marc Jacobs’ collection at this last NYFW, anyone?! ) or trying to cleverly “update” past looks by throwing in something completely outrageous and totally unwearable as so many other designers do, John-Paul succeeds in achieving what so many artists can only dream of: taking inspiration from the fashions of ages gone by, and *synthesizing* those looks with his own ideas to create truly unique pieces that are futuristic and say, “This way, please…”

    Okay, enough waxing lyrical on JPG for one evening!

  2. Works of absolutel art. I simply require the trench coat also. Dang!

    And such stunning models and makeup. Experimenting and going away from the norm is all very well and good, but actually returning to classic beauty such as this I don’t feel is done enough.