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Hair, hair!

vex latex human hair trim skirtVex Clothing Hair Skirt

Ever since Project Runway’s Chris March shocked the delicate sensibilities of his audience with human hair trim on jackets and skirts, hair has been everywhere on models but their heads.  Human hair has been a fashion staple since Victorian times, but there is something just plain creepy about it nonetheless- especially if you don’t know whose hair it is! But then again, we LIKE creepy around here…

hair human necklace skulls chain

Roaring Cloud Neck Ornament

Chains in Your Hair NecklaceHuman Hair and Vegan Leather Strap Necklace

(Some designers have been getting the same look with less controversial materials, but I’m not sure the contributors to Burbury Prorsums Goat Coat are much amused.)

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  2. Oh…about the humain hair. Most of it comes from India…it’s known as “temple hair” The money from a set of hair extensions could feed a family in India for a lifetime…but the women who cut their hair don’t make a penny. They do it as a devotional act…a sacrifice to the god Vishnu.By giving up their pride and vanity, Vishnu is supposed to grant health and happiness in the future. If they only knew women in the west were paying exorbitant amounts of money to have the hair glued to their heads! It’s sad really…

    “They wait patiently in line on the cold stone floor of a temple in India to have their hair shaved off with a dry razor, leaving them completely bald.”


  3. I love it! I bought some vintage monkey fur (chimp) from etsy seller “aldetha”. The kind you’ve seen used to make coats…Kate Moss has one I think. I’m using it to make jewelry!

  4. This bothers me. The reason it bothers me is because the nazis did similar things with the hair of prisoners in concentration camps. And it wasn’t just the hair either. I mean, if it was some kind of animal hair — horse hair, hair from an afghan hound — then it wouldn’t be as bad. But human hair? That’s a bit disturbing.

  5. Hmmm… I think it can look quite regal, perhaps around cuffs or collars, however the skirt you have posted shows as an example of never pairing it with skin tight latex. Defeats the object and, in real life, would form an unsightly bump!

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d certainly be spazmodically galloping every so often if I wore said skirt and bare legs. Tickle frenzy!

  6. there’s also those Martin Margiela frocks…or were those actually just hair gone way way wild and obscuring the clothes? don’t know, got so confused with it 😮

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